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  • Mark P. McDonald - Comprehensive, helpful and brutally honestMy son is studying for the GRE's so these comments come from him. He has found the book and its supporting materials very helpful in getting him ready for the test. He took the GRE's before and used other prep materials and did not get the best results.

    The big differentiator is that the book is honest, sometimes to the edge of being brutal that you need to understand before taking the test.

    He has remarked that this book has much more support for testing strategies, testing approaches, and questions which were uniquely valuable.

    Overall recommended, he takes the test in Feb so we will see how he does which is the real proof of the pudding.
  • Munir A Razzaq - Super Cleanser4 pills 3 times a day, for 10 days.

    i will take it again just like recommended.
  • M. Parent "Companies that are hardest to love... - I'm a backsliding Vegan...Please...pray for me...I can't see this wonderfully delcious white blister of a jug of pure wholsome cold vitamin enriched homoginized paturized bovine breast milk!!!

    I'm a Vegan, but a closeted Tuscan Whole milk drinker...if anyone in my commune found out, they'd banish me to the netherlads of Bacontopia, to be ravaged by the ills of a factory farmed hell hole of a society that you pukes wallow in...with that, I make straw purchases from unlicensed dealers to circumvent existing codes of conduct within our commune. I do this on the darkest nights under cover, in living fear of being caught & judged & convicted...but it's all because of Tuscan Whole milk...luscious, thick, rich, creamy & brain freezing cold!!! OH SHEVA!!! HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL!!!
  • N. E. Haymon - EXCELLENT CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL SELECTIONS!The producers at Verity did an excellent job this time around with the selections. If it were up to me I would have chosen Kirk Franklin's 'I Smile" and Forever Jones' 'He Wants It All'. I am still very pleased with the songs that are on these two cds!

    You'll have a very good time praising God with these songs! It's a nice cd to have if you want a good mix of what was TRULY popular in 2011.

  • Picky about products - The greatest electronic device of the 21st century!I received my Kindle for Christmas and have been in love with it ever since! Reading is my favorite pastime and to be able to have a library with me at all times is amazing!
    My housemate and I were on the verge of being pushed out of our house by all our books...our Kindles have made it possible for us to stay under our roof! I use mine with the cover and find it feels like holding a book. My housemate uses hers without the cover and has no problems with it...no unwanted page turns!
    If you are running out of bookshelf space, this is the ticket! If you find yourself without a book to read at 3:00 AM, Kindle will bring you one in moments...you don't even have to get out of bed!
    Our next vacation will require less luggage, we usually take 5 or 6 books each for the trip...now we can take as many as we want and carry them in our purses!