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  • Nigel Poole - Best Bag Ive Ever OwnedI have had serveral bags I carry them every day. I have the North Face, Nike, Puma, Timberland and various other brands, but all were lacking in someway or not professional to carry every day. Then I researched and found the Timbuk2 bags. It has so much storage areas. My wife calls it my purse, since I carry it everywhere. Whatever... It stores everything from my iPad to my pistol to baby diapers, sometimes at the same time LOL. Great bag. I cannot recommend enough.
  • mkolber - a vehicle for neuroticismThis book's blessing and curse is all the numbers it contains. Average gpas, mcat scores, interview and acceptances given, etc. are easy to get caught up in (they aren't as important as you think), but it gave me information on a few schools that i didn't know about at first, one of which gave me an acceptance. The cost of applying to medical school is so exorbitant anyway, you may as well spend the money on one of these books, and MSAR is the one my pre-health admissions committee recommended: it's the gold standard.

    5 stars because, well, it helped get me into medical school. Good luck...
  • Alan L. White "MBA student" - Wow! Just Wow!What an amazing movie! If anyone ever paid $500 a ticket for 3rd row seats like I did, not getting this is a huge mistake. The moment the concert starts, you're there. You can feel the heat from the lights. The crowd's tension is palpable. Everything about this doc is amazing. My wife keeps the soundtrack playing on a loop in her car now. She constantly reminds me it was her best Xmas present.
  • judy rodocker - Suspenseful!I love the suspense! I hate to put the book down (actually my kindle) and can't wait to pick it again! It really keeps my brain in gear, waiting for the next chapter! Anyone who loves the suspense as much as I do really needs to read this "trilogy"! "Taking Eve" left me hanging, couldn't wait for "Hunting Eve", have already got my order in for the next one!
  • Deb Shops "Life is an adventure! Live it!" - Quick, easy and affordableStrange how can sell this for $100 less than Intuit. I've been a QB customer for many years and I buy all my software from Imagine paying $274 for a renewal of your payroll subscription. For the pleasure of continuing using their software, you get to pay thru the nose. I cancel my subscriptions about 1 week before the renewal and install a fresh copy for $174. I hope someday Intuit realizes that this is NOT the way to build loyalty. As loyal customers, we should be rewarded not punished. Intuit Payroll does everything a good payroll software program should. I recommend the software, just remember to come back to for your renewal copy.