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  • A. Walker - This is an outstandingly wonderful bookI am part of a group that is working through this book with a facilitator. We are in our fourth week and 99% of the group of about 12 women are realizing positive changes and more energy in their lives. In my opinion, it is better to work with this book in a group, getting everyone's feed back when we meet once each week. It has simple tasks to do daily that produce self-revealing insights for us. I can't say enough good things about it. I am so grateful for being introduced to it.
  • primeguy - its a change... but its a good one...ENOUGH with the monster reviews... to boil it down:

    - GUI.... yes its different from the start button.... its easier and faster and has great touch flick capability... if you watch about 10 minutes of how to video on youtube.... and then you commit to actually using the livetiles and search as designed... once you get past the initial shock of getting away from 20 years of blue desktop... windows 8 is VERY capable, VERY intuitive, and VERY fast

    - application compatibility..... anything that runs on win7 runs on win8... if its a desktop app, you automatically get switched to the desktop... if its live tile.... it very smooth...

    - hardware compatibility.... same driver base as win7.... if you are one of these crackpots that wants to use your favorite printer from 1993, you might have a problem.... if you are a normal person.... win8 runs everything fine...

    - speed.... win8 is clearly faster at everything than win7 and XP... its no contest

    - upgrade process..... I'm a legit expert at OS's but have never been a fan of upgrade process (I always installed fresh as opposed to using upgrades).... win8 is the first OS of any kind where I feel comfy recommending to people upgrading... it works seamlessly

    Most importantly: now theres a unified touch interface and application base that works on PC, Tablet and phone.... between skydrive and win8/win phone 8 / win rt... you can have it all everywhere with zero effort.... is is so cool and so easy to implement... once it really catches on it will really be a leap...

    Old, techy cranky people will whine about this and that.... but reality is win8 is easy and a huge speed and usability improvement, you just have to be smart enough to spend 10 minutes to learn something new....
  • Beverly Hansen - The Artist's WayThe Artist's Way Morning Pages JournalI bought this book for myself & my husband saw the book & claimed it. This book has been a total
    inspiration to him. Anyone with creative abilities will find themselves with this book. The book has lots of practical information & lessons to help one unleash and understand their creative abilities.
    I highly recommend it.
  • Julie Grant - Wish I had read this book sooner!I spent a good part of early 2012 worrying about the possibility of world climate change and other cataclysmic events predicted by many. If I had read Gregg's well researched and reassuring book, I could have saved my self unnecessary distress. This book is a great read for anyone interested in the free will -v- destiny debate. As always, Gregg backs up all of his theories with scientific data. There is no New Age rhetoric here.
  • Laura Crockett - Jesus of Nazareth: a man of true grit.This is one of the most intriguing books I've ever read. The subject is Jesus of Nazareth, who is quite different from Jesus the Christ.

    The writer, Reza Aslan, gives a very clear picture of the context of Jesus' life in first century Israel. Israel at this time is made up of various regions, which the Romans dubbed "Palestine." In Roman Palestine, there were two differs groups of people; those who went along with Roman rule of their country, and those who wanted the Romans out. Those two groups were quite different. The ruling class, who cooperated with the Romans, were corrupt. They stood by while the small farmers lost their lands to wealthy landowners. Indeed, whilst reading this book I kept thinking of modern America and how we have two distinct groups; those who go along with the ruling class and those who wish to return America to its Founder's principles and the Constitution. Except we don't have invaders into our nation, though we can say our invaders are ideas that are foreign to the concept of America. But I digress.

    This book is very well researched. As I write on historical and mythological subjects, what Aslan had to say about Jesus rang true. I have researched the Romans, and they did not fool around in their conquering of the Mediterranean countries. Romans had rules. Disobey their rules, and too bad for you. Their punishment was swift and deadly. The Jewish ruling class of Palestine understood this only too well, so they went along with the program so that they could prosper and keep their status. Jesus of Nazareth was not the first messiah to come along to try and upset this apple cart. He belonged to that second group of Jews who wanted the Romans out. There were many of these zealots for the old time religion, which is the pure form of Judaism. Meaning no foreigners on the land that their god gave them. The zealots wanted Rome out of Israel, and the messiahs were supposed to be the kings who would raise an army to throw out the invaders. Jesus of Nazareth was one of the zealots. The Romans, however, who had those rules, one of which was not to proclaim oneself king and suggest the Romans should go home, these are the folks who arrested Jesus and crucified him. The Jewish ruling class complained about Jesus, but they had no power to do anything about him. Only the Romans could.

    Jesus of Nazareth knew that he would be put to death for his ideas. What were those ideas? That Jews needed to get back to their founding principles. That Jews needed to care for themselves. Jesus' speeches on poverty were all about this idea of those Jews who prospered were not to prosper at the expense of their fellow Jews. Their land was for all of God's chosen, not for any foreigners and not to be exploited by the rich. Jews were supposed to be on the exclusive side, but not as something that excluded because of wealth but of breeding. It is a DNA thing, a group thing. Those within the group are supposed to behave in a certain way. Zealots wanted Jews to act like Jews, not like Romans. They wanted Jews to follow their religious laws and teachings, ideas that were for all Jews, not just the wealthy. The wealthy, however, acted like most wealthy people; they are more global in their approach to life. They enjoy what the world has to offer. They forget to take care of the poor.

    The second half of the book covers the transition of how Jesus of Nazareth, revolutionary, became Jesus Christ, king of heaven. Here Aslan agrees with the theory Elaine Pagels puts out in her book on Revelation; that early Christianity distanced itself from the Jews because Jewish Palestine was nearly wiped off the face of the earth because of the zealots. Jesus had to lose his Jewishness. As Christianity prospered, as it became a Roman religion, the blame for the death of Jesus had to be transferred to the Jews. Aslan explains this transition very well.

    This book gives the reader much to think about. I am still thinking about it. If you are a person who enjoys thinking for yourself, you will enjoy this book. If you like history, you will like this book. If you love Jesus Christ, you will love Jesus of Nazareth even more. He was a guy with true grit.