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  • Paulie - This book lifted a weight off my shoulders.I am sure that there are two people somewhere on the planet that have abolutely no contact to other people other than their spouse, and they are perfectly happy. For that couple, monogomy is for them. For the rest of us, however, we are all polyamorous.

    Some have said "It takes a village to raise a child." I also believe that for most of us (99% of us) it takes a village to bring us happiness and fufilment. For some people, that fufilment and happiness is aided by a large extended family, children, friends, and coworkers. For others, that fufilment and happiness is helped by lovers, swingers, and prostitutes. While those two examples are on far different ends of the "social norm," the truth remains the same that most of us need more than our significant others to be happy.

    Once we realize this fact, we can free ourselves from the guilt, responsibility, and burden of feeling like we have to be the one who provides this happiness and fufilment to our partner. We also can rid ourselves of the constant fear that our spouse may not be "the one" as we question the root of our unhappiness.

    On the surface, most people will think a book promoting polyamory will be about ignoring your spouse and finding happiness elsewhere. This couldn't be further from the truth. We ALL need more than just our spouse. This book helps us to realize that, and actually helps us to appreciate and love our spouse like we did when we first fell in love.

    If you truly believe in the "Leave it to Beaver/ Brady Bunch" myth, then do not buy this book. If you want to take relationships into the 21st century and the cutting edge, then please buy this book!
  • Mary Collis - A large ray of hopeAfter suffering psoriasis for many years and using every potion from the pharmacy and doctor, all having only temporary results, my husband was relieved to find a physician who had written down a practical, balanced programme to beat psoriasis and ecxema. Seeing these skin ailments as coming from within, and one of the body's last attempts to rid itself of toxins, he sees external creams as only controlling symptoms. By means of mostly diet, but also some other alternate methods, this practitioner shows how to rid yourself of toxins that have built up over the years, and how tos top them coming back. The photo results are more than amazing. My husband's condition is not as bad as those in the myriad photos, but he can't wait to be rid of the itchiness and ugly scars. Finally someone has come up with a cure to what medicine can never cure, or even help much. The books is well documented with research.
  • J. Douglas Levens "Doug" - Got faded Fiberglass Shutters?My wife wanted me paint or replace our faded fiberglass shutters on our house. They would be almost impossible to paint on the house and even harder to remove. Not cheap to replace either. I saw the ad on TV and thought I give it a try. WOW!!! They look almost new, with little work. One 1.5 oz bottle did 4 sets of shutters, so I had to buy more. They sure look good (and my wife is happy).
  • Susanne Woods - History made truly aliveI usually shy away from historical novels, since I have a doctorate in renaissance English literature and have read many scholarly histories of the period. Most authors seem unable to tell a story without changing the facts. Mantel's Wolf Hall was so compelling, and the facts as I know them so true to the events, I wanted to see if she could sustain it. She does. Her interpretation of famous characters, notably Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII, and Anne Boleyn seem to me to be as true to what we know as any historian has offered, though of course they are interpretations, not certainties. Still, it's decent history and vividly imaginative story telling at the same time. Another wonderful book.
  • Thomas P. Lowry - Novelist's insight and historic veritiesA good historical novel begins with the best verified facts about an event and fills the unknown spaces with plausible voices, thoughts, internal monologues, and actions.

    Author Peters succeeds in this far beyond the efforts of most writers. His decades of search for documented facts, his knowledge of military thinking from long active service himself, combined with a sure hand in finding just the right words has created a masterpiece.

    The outcome of Gettysburg is known to every schoolchild, yet Peters creates the suspense of a fine mystery novel. The result is one which pulls the readers deeper and faster into the narrative, torn by the wish to find "What's next?" while wanting to read slowly in order to absorb the wordsmith's skill in setting tone and color.

    Realism sets this novel apart from others -- the dreadful incidence of sickness, famous men laid low by debilitating diarrhea, boils, and urinary anguish. And mentally, the petty quarrels, the self-doubts, the political ambitions, the crushing senses of "honor," make his protagonists truly human.

    Most military historians have never served a day in uniform or been shot at. Au contraire, Peters is the real deal, and his every word reflects that

    Five star. A plus. Top drawer.