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  • polar bear "pb" - Highly recommendedI have been using Kaspersky software since 2006, and have had no problems that I wasn't able to resolve by myself. Their software is easy to install and does not slow down my laptop. I also like the fact that the software doesn't interfere with any other software, unless there is a potential danger. I have used Norton and McAfee , before switching to Kaspersky, and wasn't impressed with either of them. If you purchase this software, you will not be disappointed.
  • Cookbook Gal "Cookbook Gal" - Great source of nutrition for seniorsAn elderly family member has been suffering for months from colitis and pancreatitis, and lost over 35 pounds within 6 weeks. The doctors and rehab specialists recommended Ensure, and my relative, who has always disliked meal replacement supplements, loves Ensure. It has literally been a lifesaver, and at times the only food she has been able to keep down. Favorite flavors include Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mixed Berry.

    If you want more nutritional information on the product, go to the Abbot Laboratories website (google it), and click on the links until you get to the Ensure page, where you will get a more comprehensive breakdown of the nutrients and calories in the product.
  • Jayne2014 "Lady Jayne "I love a page turn... - Well worth the moneyI have had my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for a few weeks now and I have to say that I absolutely love this device. It is a great pair for my phone as well. The speed and access is amazing. I have access to my schools dashboard so I can travel and never miss class assignments as I can do them on the tablet and turn in. There are so many apps from Google Play Store and Samsung to be downloaded. I have also extended my memeory so that I use less internal memory and to transfer files directly from one device to another. O-M-Gosh the best device purchase I made since my Samsung Galaxy S-III phone.
  • G. Cox "Shanghaied" - Excellent home financial accounting softwareI have been a Quicken user for at least 20 years and I use it daily to enter each and every expense or bank transaction. I would feel lost without Quicken. I use it mainly to know how much money I have in the bank, how much my charges are on my credit cards and to know when upcoming bills are arriving. I have used the budget feature, but I prefer to use it as a tool to control elective expenses and for historical purposes. I like to know where the money went. And the money does get spent ever so quickly. And without some means of knowing and understanding where the money gets spent, you will not be able to feel like you know where your life's savings went - or lack of savings.

    I have used Quicken extensively for stock and investment transactions including brokerage fees and other expenses. And this has been one area where I have not been confident Quicken does an accurate job. I have found that you cannot trust Quicken for stock transaction accuracy. Always trust your brokerage company first and not Quicken.

    I have been using different versions of Quicken for years and I have to say that the new versions have little new to offer. The upgrades and new annual editions are mainly cosmetic or may have some new tax features. But I use Turbo Tax for that purpose. I have been using the 2010 version of Quicken since it first became available. And I can see very little difference between the 2012 version and the 2010 version - cosmetic at most. I'm sure there are some new features, but I doubt that I will ever use them. So far I haven't discovered anything new worth mentioning.

    But if you don't have Quicken already, I am a strong believer in home financial management to build your future retirement account and to determine if you are on track. I am currently technically recently retired, but now that I don't have an income, I think Quicken is more essential than ever. I must make my savings last the rest of my life, however long that may be. And even though I am alone now, it seems the monthy expenses are still high - much too high to sustain. So now that yet another year has passed, I need to analyze where the money went and what to do to dramatically lower expenses next year. And without disciplined daily financial recording into specific categories, there is no way to know where to start unless you are able to review history - accurate history.

    So I strongly recommend Quicken as a household financial management tool.
  • Elizabeth - Love this seriesJust finished book 5 & can't believe I had never read Janet Evanovich before. Each book has felt fresh, funny & entertaining. I enjoy the continuation of characters, the small town everyone knows everyone aspect & the humorous situations she encounters. Stretches reality, but still feels believable.