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  • K. Ogburn - So good!I never had trouble with my weight growing up. I ate anything I wanted and a lot of it. Very high carb. In my home, eating was a social event. I'd wake up on Saturdays to the sound of my mother rolling out pie dough for the many pies she made for the week. We had a big family. it is 40 years later and I still love the high carb food, but now I am about 25 pounds overweight and have very little discipline. I love food and I love to make it. After thinking I was watching carbs, I would not lose anything, or lose the same 3 pounds over and over. I saw this book advertised and thought it seemed doable. I also like to try new things. So I started two weeks ago, following the book pretty much to the letter. The first week it was sort of fun, but I was very hungry. Fifteen minutes after a meal, I was counting the hours till I could have a snack. The pounds started dropping off. This second week has not been fun. But I have not been as hungry. So far, I have lost 9 pounds. If I can get below the 10 lb. mark, I will be making headlines for myself. I will tell you...I didn't even taste the moist chocolate cake I made, or the egg custard, or the cinnabon cake, not to mention the strawberry shortcake and the fresh strawberry pound cake. So, I will hang in there and I hope to lose more.
    This book can be a little confusing, it seems to contradict itself in a couple of places, but I followed her meal plan and it is working. Now I will just have to stop looking at the desserts on Pinterest!

    An update:
    I am finishing up my fourth week of this diet. I have lost a little over 13 pounds. I was hoping for at least 15, but... The third week I stayed the same weight about all week and then it slowly started moving down again. I lost most in the first two weeks. Overall, I am pleased. It was a lot of self-control to make desserts for my family and watch them consume them. I even had to pass up an icecream cake that I made for my son's birthday. And I was hungry most of the time. The nice thing about this diet is that the recipes are very good and they don't call for too many weird ingredients.
  • BoreBrotherBore - Greatest android device outI just received my Asus transformer prime 64GB in mail yesterday. I haven't put it down yet. The UI is Amazing. Most times I install a alternative launcher like Adw or Go. With this tablet there is no need. The screen is amazing. The processor is top of the line. The build quality is solid. The screen is very reactive. I haven't had any wifi issues at all. However the GPS is the only draw back I have seen so far. For me I didn't buy the tablet for that feature. So it doesn't bother me. I also realize that it is new to the market and new updates might bring a fix to that. I am waiting for more games to be released that really show this tablet off. Grand theft auto 3 plays great on it. If you got Tablet problems I feel bad for ya son I got 99 problems but this Tablet aint one lol
  • Todd Myers - A Very Good Vegan/Allegern Free Meal ReplacementI'd like to start by saying I see a lot of negative reviews for this product, all based on taste. Yes at first the taste is not the greatest, though honestly a lot of powder mixes I have had in the past have not tasted all that great. I add a banana, and even some berries, to the blender and it helps a lot with the taste. One of the best things about this product is you get 33g of protein from one serving, which is higher than any other vegan supplement on the market, you also get higher amounts of B12 and other vitamins/minerals, than other products. Another big pro is this product is vegan, and also allergen free, of the most common food allergies. The price on this product is very good, about $28 for a tub, amazon has the best price of anyone for this product, you get about 15 servings for that price, where other products might cost $60 for the same servings. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a meal replacement, if you are to busy to cook your own meals or traveling, takes only a few minutes to make at most. Good for athletes as well, looking for a protein/nutrient boost.