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  • Randall Hall - Step up your videos a notch or twoThis book has lots of great tips. Even if you don't get through the whole book, just use the 12 tips from the quick start guide and your videos will look a lot better.

    I would stress that you need good audio. Use a mic on the person and watch out for wind noise. Listen while you are recording with a set of headphones.

  • John Killough - Great tabletI bought this for my wife, and eventually got one for myself as well. It is an amazing tablet for the price. It can do a lot, but because of the special Amazon version of the android operating system it can not do everything a generic android tablet can. This is especially good if you consume a lot of Amazon media content.
  • starwarskid - STOP THINKING EARTH!!!!!!!!!Spore. By far better than the sims. The game is creative in its own way. No mammals, no apes, no humans. people try to make "Realistic"
    creations, but dont understand that humans are unique. Well, according to science. 65 million years ago, they say, an asteroid the size of
    a mountain ended reptilian rule on earth. That never happens here. Spore is a game of reptiles. Epics represent dinosoars, yet no mammals exist.
    I do think the parents and offspring being the same could have been better, but then parents would be a different species than the offspring, and in turn devour
    the child while it was weak, too cruel for any game. In tribal stage, mix it up. Dont be totally vicious, ally AND destroy. Civ is repetitive, no way to escape.
    Space is where the fun starts. Easter eggs are abundant. Llammas, Sol, and Steve, the ufo from the sims. Spend some time in the creature creator and outfitter,
    But not to much. I played spore so much i cannot find maxis tribes in tribal stage! So, be creative, dont use earth as a model. plan in the creator.
    Sporopedia helps sort those planS. And most of all, have fun. Starwarskid signing off.
  • Donboy - Out of the box and into your heartThey had just arrived after waiting for the back order, but after reading so many good reviews for the A33's I was willing to wait. And then - just a week longer.
    Within 2 minutes out of the box the speaker began filling the room (and my heart) with the sharp, clear, highs and lows of refreshing music!!
    I agree with the others, I'm most impressed with these little black boxes and would highly recommend them to anyone!!