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  • mdatheart "Barb" - Great light-weight vacuumI just bought this vacuum because my old one didn't do a great job on bare floors (or carpet really either!). I put the vacuum together in a matter of minutes and tried it on our family room carpet. WOW. I had no idea there was that much dirt & pet hair on it! I then tried it on hardwood and tile floors and it picked up everything without spraying dirt everywhere. It's super light and easy to manuever as well. I love this vacuum!
  • Jonathan - Perfect for a filibusterDo you believe in human rights? Do you think a women's health is a matter for her and her doctor and not for aged religious fundamentalists? Then these are the shoes for you! They will carry you through a marathon and a 13-hour filibuster necessary to protect women from the bigotry and religious intolerance in Texas. Highly recommended for progressive feet!
  • Gilbert Gonzalez Jr. - Q: Can One Book Settle This Debate? A: Possibly...No topic is more controversial in our Christian culture right now than the issue of the LGBT community and their relationship to the Church.
"Do we accept these people as `gay' or `lesbian'?" 

    "If we accept and affirm them as they are, won't they just stop trying to change?"
    "We want to include everyone into the family of God, but how can we as Christians stand by and allow people to live any `lifestyle' they choose and still affirm them as followers of Christ?"
    "Aren't we just allowing them to sin?"
    "Shouldn't we uphold God's standards for marriage and the family?"
James Brownson answers these questions and so many more in a way I have never read any other author in my five years of study on this topic.

    What I appreciate most about Brownson's approach is that it is relatable without neglecting scholarly wisdom. He keeps it on topic, genuine, and confronts some of our most primary concerns in a brave, unprecedented way bringing profound understanding to the core root of this issue. 

    The most impressive part of his book is the most important part: the Bible. Nothing means more to us as Christians than the Word of God and making sure that all of our beliefs line up with it and that we are not twisting it to suit our motives, agendas, or selfish desires. Brownson executes this beautifully showing the highest regard for Scripture and it's supreme authority over every cultural debate. Explaining and amplifying the Bible's culture, context, and custom has never been done with as much passion, research, wisdom, and substance than this book. 

Brownson's approach is gentle, solid, full of wisdom, and non-argumentative in contrast to some of the other authors out there on this subject. In fact, Brownson more thoroughly covers topics previously mentioned by other authors vital to understanding this issue such as "gender complimentarity", patriarchy, sexual rebellion (choice), and Biblical marriage. 

    I not only highly recommend this book, but I might even BUY IT for any one seriously searching for truth on this subject. For those of you that have been praying for understanding on this topic, this book is definitely for you. You won't be disappointed. You will walk away from this book ready to engage in more productive conversation. You will walk away ready to love LGBT people the right way, the way Christ does. You will walk away ready to change the world. Happy reading!
  • Karie - Works for Dry skin too!!!My skin is so dry that regular liquid foundation peels off my face in large flakes. So I stopped wearing foundation until I found bare minerals. It covers very nice and it feels like I am not wearing any make-up at all. For dry skin I would recommend using the prime-time primer or skin rever upper 5 to 10 minutes before putting on the powder. It adds just the right amount of moisture. And for blemishes I love the rare minerals blemish therapy. It is tinted and cleared up my blemishes in only a few days.

    I used to get mad because there were parabens in this product but the last set I bought no longer had them so that is a +.