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The Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine - The Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine (RCBM) brings together a team of more than a dozen mental health professionals with a wide variety of clinical backgrounds and interests.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 78218 San Antonio, Texas

  • M. Slana "M. Slana" - BE PATIENT; It works!I started out with buying the regular Rogaine for my husband and we had to discontinue use of it because his head itched so bad that he could not contain it in public places. Began using the Rogaine foam in its place and the itching is no longer a problem and we are starting to see new hair growth but it took at least two months to notice any progress. Great product and would highly recommend.
  • Dancing in Midwest - Works GreatHad someone with the courage to tell me about my breath. I began using Dr. Katz products and use this rinse with the toothpaste and wetting lozenges. Immediate results 3 or so years ago and still using to this day. Spendy, but worth it and cheaper to buy on Amazon than in any drug store even with the coupons you will find inside the packaging.
  • Erin Fragola - Bought this for my workout partnerThis guys is lean, doesn't eat fast food, but always struggles when going out to eat (family, business, etc). Told him to keep this in the glove box. Now whenever anyone asks where they want to eat (and everyone does) he pipes up with a restaurant he knows will have a healthier option. Most of these "restaurants" will have lousy fare, this helps eliminate some of the guess work so you're diet and gains don't suffer.