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  • Chris Denton - great heating padBest heating pad I have ever owned. They designed it with so many options and it does warm up very quickly. I like the fact that you can set it to stay on all night or shut off after 2 hours. Also, the pad is very comfortable with the way it is covered on both sides with a different type of fabric. I am going to give my younger brother one of these !!!!
  • joyce collard - nurses pocket drug guide 2011The Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide is used it all the time in my job as a home health nurse to educate my patients on the medications
  • Justin B. Myler "jmyler" - It's not perfect but i love itFirst of all there seems to be some wildly unrealistic expectations for a gadget that costs $8. I actually paid $10 at Rit Aid for mine and i'm happy. I have an iPhone 5 with just a bumper and it sticks great to the aluminum backing of my phone. It's never fallen off and it comes off as easy as i would imagine it would to be able to hold it in place.

    It seems that most of the bad reviews are stemming from the "official" site purchases and the complexity and confusion with ordering from there. Its great that people mention it so others will not have the same fortune, but it doesn't reflect the actual product. Maybe i didn't have a bad taste in my mouth from the get go so i gave it more of a chance. I would never want to have to clip my phone in a mount, i would rather just not use one. So when i saw this i thought it was perfect. And so far it is. I could see the arm being too long for some but for my tahoe i put it in the drivers side corner of the windshield and it comes right to the edge of my dash which is where i would put it if it was actually adjustable so that worked out perfect for me.

    I would recommend reading the directions (which i thought would be silly considering it's simplicity) but for me i needed to "touch" the pad to get some oil or dirt or whatever on it so it's not SO sticky. I had a hard time getting my phone off the first time that i put it on. Now that i touched it a few times and got it a little dirty it's perfect. I barely have to put my phone up to it at all and it stays put until i'm ready to take it off.

    Don't get me wrong i wouldn't give this 5 stars normally but i feel there are FAR too many unjustified 1 stars for some people not to consider this thing since it worked out so well for me. If you think that $8 is too much money for something that might not work for you then i would suggest moving on. If you hate clipping and unclipping phones from a traditional car mount skip a day of starbucks and try it out.
  • LibraryCanary - The Library Canary: Mini review of InsurgentThis review and more can be found on my blog, The Library Canary:

    I forgot just how much I love this series until I reread these books. I can’t. They are so freaking good. Insurgent was even better than Divergent. Tris is so screwed up in this book after the events at the conclusion of Divergent. I probably would be too. My heart broke for her in this book, but at times I also wanted to punch her in her stupid face. I wanted to slap her and scream “Wake up! Stop acting like an idiot! Pull yourself together!” But that was just the me from the outside looking in. If I was in her situation, maybe I would have acted the same way.

    The romance in this book is amazing. Tobias is still mega-hot, though I did question some of his decisions. We saw a more vulnerable side to him in this book. And we saw the romantic side, more of the side that truly loves Tris. I could swoon over him all day.

    There is a lot more mystery in this book than the first one and a lot more politics. It was fun to slowly peel back layer after layer of secrets. The great thing about rereading a book is catching all the little details and hints the author leaves along the way. The first time I read this book, I could not figure anything out and the revelation at the ending slapped me in the face and left me gaping. But this time, I was like “how did I not see that coming?” But that’s the beauty of reading a book multiple times. It’s never the same experience. So many good lines in this book. So many good lessons learned. I sticky-noted the s*** out of this one. Allegiant is going to be incredible. I can just feel it. In fact, at this point, I’ve probably already read it and (hopefully) loved it. Happy reading all!
  • Dr. Gonzo - Bought it for the drive, junked the enclosure...I bought this simply for the drive inside, which is cheaper than just buying the drive itself. It's the same drive inside as http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Desktop-3-5-Inch-Internal-ST4000DM000/dp/B00B99JU4S/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1384724066&sr=8-3&keywords=seagate+4tb Best Buy sells the internal drive for $194 and the external for $174. Amazon always has better prices than Best Buy, but you can save even more by ripping apart the enclosure and getting the drive out yourself.