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  • Christine Arsenault "Christine" - Cathry Fox Does It AgainCathryn Fox turns crisp white lab coats inside out to reveal two sexy research scientists in her new release, PLEASURE PROLONGED. Erin and Kale are both thirty-something professionals who risk their hearts and reputations when libidos burst out of their experiment and into their lives. Erin is a nose-to-the-grindstone scientist eager to forget her failed engagement and desperate to stop her mother's match-making efforts. When ladies' man Kale returns to town to team up with her at the lab, Erin decides a little saucy fun will work wonders to soften her buttoned-down demeanor. What she doesn't suspect is Kale's recent retirement of his playboy persona. Would Erin welcome the fun if she knew it wasn't a game for Kale any longer?

    Cathryn Fox brings readers along for a sassy ride as Erin and Kale indulge in their playful fantasy. Their lusty abandon is contagious, a refreshing depiction of the science crowd. If the brain is the sexiest organ, then these two researchers heat up the sheets to the one hundredth percentile. Twining emotion between the seduction and the story, Ms. Fox always satisfies, leaving readers sighing for more.
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  • Thomas J. Wisner, Jr. - Never Get Tired Of It.Although not as famous as The Wall and Dark Side of The Moon, this is still a 5-Star Album. I had not listened to it in it's entirety since the vinyl record days. It was my first Kindle HD music purchase and I enjoyed it more than I did years ago. I recommend this for anyone who appreciates great musicians and song writing. If you enjoy Pink Floyd music add this Album to your MP3 player.
  • Susan D. Golis "susang6" - Love your Skin with BareMineralsI have worn Bare Escentuals mineral SPF 15 foundation for the last four years and my skin looks and feels fantastic. Prior to wearing this foundation, I did not want to be seen in public. My face has age spots, patches of redness and acne scars. This foundation is light as a feather but it is big on coverage. Now all I see when I look at myself in the mirror is flawless skin. The foundation is long wearing, no need to touch up throughout the day and it has a sun protective factor of 15. This makeup is by for the finest makeup you can buy.