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  • Jeanne Tassotto - Another visit to sunny BotswanaThis is the 8th in the series of gentle, cozy mysteries featuring the 'traditionally built' Mma Ramotswe, founder and head of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, of Gabrone, Botswana. In this volume Mma Ramotswe is confronted with a disturbing case of a haunted hospital bed as well as more mundane issues of missing office supplies and a wandering husband. As always the good detective manages to puzzle out acceptable solutions to all of these problems and more in her quiet, gentle manner.

    As is the norm with this series the emphasis is heavy on the 'cozy' and light on the 'mystery'. The true appeal of this series lies in the backstories of the recurring characters as readers are treated to glimpses into their lives. We learn how Mma Makutsi's engagement is progressing, see if Charlie the apprentice has learned to stop beating reluctant engine parts with hammers. These back stories are spread out over the entire series and so for maximum enjoyment this series really should be read in order as much as possible.
  • dmore - Returned iPad to keep Prime !I bought iPad and Asus prime together. I wanted to keep only one and finally I returned iPad. I like the display of Asus prime over iPad, it is not only bigger but brighter too. I don't see any major difference in the speed though.
    After ICS update and firmware updates this tablet runs even more powerful and amazing. Touch screen is amazingly accurate and fast, sound quality of speaker is better than any average laptop out there, just plug and play to load data from PC and plenty of memory with microsd card.
    Now I bought another one for my brother and both of them are not having any wi-fi issues. I don't care about GPS, so I am not even testing it. Now a day's all the new cars have navigation inbuilt or everyone have the personal gps. I wonder who really uses tablets for navigation. I would suggest buying and trying this tablet before you start believing what people are saying. Amazon is offering you free return and full refund on it, so why not give a try to this excellent gadget.
  • TheJobinator - Exactly what I was looking for!My husband and I both have the summer off for the first time and we are planning a roadtrip across the country. Although GPS can get us anywhere, having the maps before you makes it easier to plot your route! For the price you can't beat the quality with the vinyl cover. Can't wait to hit the road!
  • Bob Swain "Seattle" - FANTASTICAL!I am 11 years old, and I asked my mom if I could try Proactiv. I had watched all the commercials and I thought I should try it. My mom ordered it for me, and it was AWESOME!!!! On the first day my skin already started to heal. I have oily skin, and it is my forehead that had a bunch of red bumps and occasionally zits. I know Proactiv isn't really meant for kids, but I got the starter kit with the three step system, the green tea moisturiser and refining mask. I haven't tried the moisteriser or mask yet though. The 3 step system works really well though. I was reading a bunch of reviews and they said that some peoples skin got dry and red. Well my skin was red and oily to begin with and my skin is actually calming down. So, if you are like my age or something then I would recomend Proactiv.

    (And if you are wondering why my username is my dad's name it's because I am on my dads account)
  • PegaPalo - Its KasperskyKaspersky is without a doubt the best antivirus-internet security there is. I have been using it for about 3 years now and my computer have never had a virus since. No troyans, no worms , etc; besides Kaspersky is not intrusive, or for this matter obtrusive, so it makes your PC run smoothly. I fully recommend this product to anyone. Just one warning! make sure your operating system can handle Kaspersky; if not, it will slow it down drastically. Running in 2 PCs ..HP Labtop and DELL all in one