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  • Nancy J Ryan - All the negative reviews make me want to order it!The book was just released this morning. It is now 11am EST. So these reviewers could hardly have had a chance to actually read the book and absorb the message. I guess they are writing the negative reviews because they just don't like Sarah. Makes me want to order it, I will update later after I read it.
  • Dennis Cejka - Pocket with a punchThis is a Nurse's Drug Guide for the seasoned nurse on the front-line, not for the novice. So far as I have seen, it is quite up to date and accurate. The nursing "shorthand" takes a bit of getting used to when one has been accustomed to "hyper" and "hypo" being written out in other, less concise drug guides.
  • Christine H - Love this Stroller!!I was on the hunt for an alternate stroller to my BOB...something light and easy to take in and out of the car for errands and for travel. After a lot of research I went with this stroller and I am so thrilled with it. It is so light and easy to fold up with one hand. Plus I love the oversized canopy which I did not find on a lot of lightweight options. It moves so easily and is so comfortable to use. And since it goes up to 55lbs. it should be the only stroller I need for my son. It's a great purchase and very reasonably priced.
  • Hobgoblin - Great referenceI've been supporting Windows servers professionally since 1997. For the last couple of releases I've used the "Unleashed" books to brush up on changes and fill knowledge gaps, but I hesitated to get Unleashed 2012 because so many complained of errors. I'm very pleased with the "Inside Out" book. This is a mammoth ground up overview of the 2012 OS hitting all the high points. If you're new to Windows or studying for a certification it's pure gold. If you're like me and work with this stuff every day and need a go to overview sitting on your shelf then I think you've found it here. This is well written and laid out in a logical manner with easy to find info. 5 stars.
  • cocii - Finally someone has THEE Answer for AmericaI got a pre-release copy of this book and after reading the back cover first - which asks not to thumb through the book but start from the first page on - I lived an emotional roller coaster. I kept thinking there is no way the author found an answer - BUT HE DID. AND not just one answer but several. I have never ever been so excited about a book because it gave me a game plan. Something "I" could do. So many other books talk about their answer but it's too overwhelming. This author has made some astounding discoveries and when pieced all together in a time line, your jaw will drop. You have got to read what 'the powers to be' are planning for our youth - it will make you sick! Don't just buy one copy, buy several and get everyone reading them at the same time so you can gather later and start making plans. Things are in place NOW for these solutions to work - you need to get this book in everyone's hands.