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  • Robert G. Martinez "Doctor of Rock" - There is nothing wrong with this album. It's all in your mind.Pink Floyd has always been great "head music". A lot of time had passed by since their high water mark, 1973's Dark Side of the Moon and this album (1994). If it had been released 20 years earlier in 1974, it would have been hailed a masterpiece. I've listened to this album very closely and still found them to be the best purveyors of head music. I can't understand the cynical and disrespectful comments about this album, mostly from folks who weren't even alive when Dark Side came out. Bottom line: If you like Pink Floyd's weird sounds, and surreal soundscapes, you'll love this album. If you're hopping on the latest bandwagon, keep the negativity to yourself and stick to American Idol. Real Pink Floyd fans know "The Division Bell" is really a very good album even without Roger Waters.
  • Andre Pau - Samsung Tab 10"Hi bought this Tablet for my partner so she could keep up with modern trends and apps
    well pleased we do everything on it now including the monthly shop /top-up.
    Its such a handy device and has all the speed and portability of a laptop but a 1/4 of the weight.
    Touch screen takes some time to get used to but works well once you use it a bit more and become familiar.
    Ideal device and would recommend to all work or play 10" is much better than its smaller 7" and ideal for more mature users. Would rate a good 9 out of 10
  • Tahirali H. Motiwala - Excellent for Step 1Read this book as many times as you can before your exam in addition to anything else you are planning to use for studying for Step 1. This book is dense but it has so much good information that you will appreciate when you do practice questions. This should be a mainstay of any study plan for Step 1.
  • Elizabeth E. Leland - love it!!! YumMy husband visited this place in London, and loved the food as well as the presentation every time he went in. The cook book is wonderful. We have made a few things and they are so wonderfully good and unique I would highly recommend this to intermediate cooks. Not really for beginners. We don't bake much, mostly cook but these baking recipes are pretty easy to follow. And dang they are known for their baked goods!