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  • Harriet Klausner - Exhilarating romantic suspense novelThe past year has been the hardest year of Grace Hall's life. The year began with promise as she married a Count just like her beloved father wanted her to wed, but went down hill since. Her father suddenly passed away and she is divorcing her spouse. She is also being challenged as the CEO of her father's legacy, the Hall Foundation by the board and her dad's right hand man who felt he earned the head position.To make her year more miserable, someone is killing six women who made a magazine's notable list. Two are dead and Grace is on the murder roll. Desperate, she reluctantly hires John Smith, head of Black Watch, Ltd. as her bodyguard. He is an expert at hiding his feelings, but Grace seems to get inside his skin as occurred when they first met and kissed before the initial homicide. As they fall in love, he rejects the notion of forever because she is glitter and he is mud, yet he will willingly die to keep his beloved safe from a serial killer who has easy access to victims living behind secure walls.UNFORGETTABLE LADY, the sequel to HEART OF GOLD (which introduced Grace), is an exhilarating romantic suspense novel that sub-genre fans will enjoy. Though the villain seems odd, fans will enjoy the action, not just the serial killer subplot as the tension between the delightful lead duo grips the audience as well. Fans will demand more stories from those alpha Black Watch hunks and hopefully a hunkette too.Harriet Klausner
  • Michael Krzykowski - Change for the betterI know people don't like change and/or doing a bit of research is out of the question, but I find Windows 8 quite refreshing. A new look, ability to adapt to touch screen if needed, and a clean user start screen (as well as it organized correctly (lazy people will disagree with this)). From what I have read most of the complaints are about the start menu and also shutting down the pc. Well with a 2 minute search I have found two different ways of getting to shut down the pc. Windows button + i, alt + f4 (while on the desktop). I see touch screen and also tablets the wave of the future. This may not be true in the data entry world but definitely in the design, sales, management, and most likely IT fields. Hopefully motion control will be next. I have not run into any applications that have not worked on Windows 8 that have worked on Windows 7. I have installed plenty of additional hardware to test on Windows 8 and only found a few items that have not worked correctly. These items were mainly, very old DeskJet or inkjet printers a few wireless keyboards and mice and a few video cards. Most of these items were made during the XP phase so I didn't expect them to work the greatest. FYI, I also use Linux - ubuntu, chromebook - android, apple os - mac, and feel that Microsoft has definitely stepped up their game.
  • dmreview - All women should read this.I read this book when I was considering changing jobs and it helped give me confidence to negotiate the best terms with my new employer, and also gave me confidence that the risk of moving was worth taking. I have managed mixed gender teams in my career to date and have witnessed a stark difference between how men and women approach their career development. This book addresses the reasons why that is the case. What I really loved about Lean In, is that it is less about blaming men and about what more we women, can do for ourselves. It gives the control to us.

    Sheryl is an extremely driven lady, whose willingness to return to (full time) work soon after a baby is worlds apart from the rest of us. Despite this, her advice is all very transferable to any woman who is working in any capacity at all.

    Fantastic read, didn't want it to end.
  • L. Tam "Aquahles" - Better than your best guy friends!What can be better then getting the secret of man from an insider!
    I'm normally not a book person but find myself can't wait to the next time slot I can pick up where I left off. Very easy to read with hands on advices, as if he's talking to you in front of you.
    Thank you so much for writing this book!
  • Dotoday - Great preparation material.This material contains everything you need to prepare for DAT sciences section. It offers wide variety of multiple choice questions in areas of chemistry and biology as well as a very detailed solution to every problem. This is definitely worth an investment. The most recent version of DAT Destroyer containing is currently available for 149.95