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  • JAYBIRD - Daughter very happyMy daughter found out, that the CF4 she had been using for the past three years was no longer recognized on the NCAA list of acceptable bats, shortly before boarding the plane to Florida for Spring training. She called me in a mild panic begging me to get her a new bat in time for the regular season. With no way for the two of us to take a run to the local sporting goods store and try out few, I reluctantly hit the web and searched for a bat meeting her criteria. I hate purchasing any sports equipment without being able to handle it beforehand. Especially a bat. But the circumstances being what they were, I was happy to find the one I was looking for at Amazon and for the best price on the web.
    The CF5 is an exceptionally well balanced bat with plenty of pop. My daughter is very happy with it. And I was happy to be able to have it shipped directly to her at school in time for the start of the season.
  • Lori - kindle fireWish I had waited to get the newer one as would like to be able to access technical assistance so i can learn more about all of the features and how to use the kindle. I also own the Nook Tablet which is much easier to use so i use the kindle as a back up.