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  • Brian M. Lake "Brian" - Great upgrade from MS Money 2007This was an excellent upgrade from MS Money 2007. I had been using Money since around 2004 and found it to be an exellent product. It kept my day-to-day finances in check and gave good reports. I was disappointed to see they had stopped making the software, so I decided to go with Quicken. I was not disappointed. The software is easy to navigate, easy to set up accounts for downloading information, and has excellent reports. Should make doing taxes much more simplistic. Having both graphic and numerical reports makes life much easier. Very nice piece of software. Would highly recommend.
  • Jaewoo Kim "OB-Wan" - High quality vitamins with timed releaseWhat makes GNC vitamins stand out is their timed release. Rather than releasing all the vitamins all at once, the GNC vitamins are designed to release the vitamins over a longer duration. If you have any liver problems, then this vitamin is ideal since it doesn't release all the vitamins all at once which may overwhelm the liver.

    I can take two tablets of this vitamin all at once knowing this vitamin is a timed release. I don't need to take one tablet in the morning and one tablet at night.

    I started to take these vitamins to improve my energy level during mid-day. This vitamin has improved my energy level but getting and staying fit has helped me even more.

    Overall, this is not a miracle product. It will not make a unhealthy person healthy and it certainly will not mitigate bad diet and lack of exercise. But if you are one of those people who take vitamins for a energy boost, I highly recommend these timed release vitamins which allows a person to take two tablets at once and the energy boost will last longer.