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  • Georgette Ducharme - I'm happy with the purchase of this book. It's a great read & so informational.This book is the type of text that you not only read but keep as a reference tool. I've followed the PLAN and am feeling so much better overall. My arthritic inflammation has subsided, i sleep better and have lost 14 pounds to date. I've bought a few of these books from to give as gifts and they've delivered as specified. Very grateful for this avenue to make affordable purchases.
  • H. Robinson "Enjoying being a grandma" - Here it is, a way out of the toxic drug culture!This book has given me such hope! My gastro-doctor told me I had to take medicine (toxic drugs) or I would be facing certain surgery. That's had to take, but after reading this book, I'm positive I can become healthy again with no harm to my body! So glad that I found it on Amazon!
  • Theresa Nixon - An Answer To My PrayerI have a huge gap on my left upper side where two side-by-side teeth are missing right next to the eye tooth. I had to have the bridge that originally replaced these teeth removed due to bone loss, and since I didn't have dental insurance for a replacement bridge or partial, I had no choice but to endure this unsightly gap for over two years. You can't imagine how embarrassing and shameful it was for me to smile, especially at close meetings with people, always having to put my hand over my mouth, put my head down, or turn to the side when I wanted to smile or laugh. I needed something -- anything -- to hide this awful gap, especially since I had very important interviews coming up.

    I had all but given up when I happened to come across the Temptooth website. I thought it might be too good to be true but I was desperate and sent away for the product which I received within three days. After receiving the product, and a few trials and errors, I was able to create three tooth replacements which work absolutely beautifully! I especially use one which I "dyed" a more natural color using tea, and the others are for backup. I do use a small dab of Poligrip to keep the tooth replacement more securely in place because of the wideness of the gap (the product is usually used for one missing tooth between other teeth but I was still able to create realistic-looking replacements as I have teeth on either side of the gap) which basically "snaps" into place. It's virtually impossible to tell that these are not my own natural teeth!

    I am so grateful for this product! Now I can smile and laugh with ease! God bless you for making this incredible product for those of us who just can't afford high-priced dental work. This has been a God-send!
  • Catriona D. Smithers - Totally amazing digital cable!!!!When I received the credit card bill for this totally amazing cable, a miracle occurred. The sheer horror of her grandson squandering money caused my thrifty grandmother to turn over in her grave and awake to life to come warn me that I needed to watch my finances more closely if I wanted to survive the impending financial troubled times descending upon our country. It's miraculous restorative properties have given her another ten years of life according to my doctor.
  • Carole P. Roman - It was so bad- it was good!I have no choice! I have to give this book five stars even if it is so wrong. This was as wrong as eating the kitchen sink in the ice cream parlor with 15 flavors and every topping. This was as wrong as hiding all the Halloween candy so your brother's can't eat it. This was terrible. Badly written, deplorable characters, a bad plot, but not only did I read it, I read book two and three. This was as good as cotton candy, that when you eat it it gives you a sugar headache. So, you see, sometimes, some things are worth the pain.