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  • Nancy Grace fan "Mystery lover" - Excellent!There's never been any question that I would not vote for Obama, but I wanted to be able to explain to my liberal friends the facts. I have tried to get through political books before, but this one is concise, straight to the point and was really interesting. It is not difficult to understand. I knew bits and pieces of what was in the book, but there was so much I didn't know, and it all came together. I hope people will read this before they vote in November.
  • John A Lee III "jal3" - A Pastoral RetreatI had heard of these books. I am a pastor and could not help but hearing of them. I had no interest in actually reading one, though. This one was given to me as a gift by a friend. I almost had to read it. I am so glad I did.

    There is not much story. The book describes the exploits of Fr. Tim, an Episcopal rector in a rural southern town. Fr. Tim is getting up in years but he faithfully stumbles along from crisis to crisis in his parish life, solving each problem with a mixture of common sense, prayer and concern for those involved. The results are good for everyone except the good father. He fails to take care of himself until he is forced to do so.

    When I am not reading academic works or preparing for a sermon, I like exciting things. This includes military fiction, science fiction and real history. I have too little time to "waste" on things that do not seem as if the will be of use either pastorally or because of personal interest. I did not think this book would hold my interest. I was wrong.

    Karon describes the vagaries of small town life and of clerical life but does so in a refreshing way that is peaceful and restful. This is true even when issues such as a heart transplant, drug dealers, jewel thievery and dog-nappers are concerned. Reading this book did not accomplish a great deal for me except that it did do this: it gave me a pleasant rest. It amused and refreshed. It was pastorally needed in my life. I only hope I serve my congregation as well as Fr. Tim serves his. I look forward to the subsequent books.
  • Linda J - Saw the theater releaseWhile I obviously haven't seen the video yet, I did see the theater release during the summer. This year's benefit is as good as the 3 previous shows, with some highlights that, to me, were pure gold. John Mayer and Keith Urban doing a "Don't Bring Me Down" was very high on my list and a short acoustic set with Greg Allman, Warren Haynes, and Derek Trucks was absolutely fantastic. The typical guitar-heavy, star studded offerings did not disappoint in any way, except in the absence of any footage (in the theater release) of B. B King. I can only assume his age is a factor there. I'm pre-ordering the DVD and the CD (wonderful addition to the available formats) and will be counting the days until they arrive.