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  • Gai Elhanan MD - A true competitor to the iPad (for the more savvy users)I have an iPhone and my wife has an iPad and although I value the sleek Apple OS I consider these devices a bit like toys and was waiting for something more suitable for myself. I have owned my Asus Transformer Prime (got it on BestBuy, sorry Amazon!) for about two weeks now and just yesterday received the dock/keyboard.
    The build quality is excellent (unlike some Asus netbooks that I have owned). The Transformer Prime feels very solid and slightly lighter and thinner than the iPad. I like the more rectangular form factor of the Transformer better than that of the iPad. The upgrade to ICS was smooth and quick, as well as several other updates and overall the user interface is intuitive and fun to use although there is room for minor improvements.
    A few highlights and caveats (but still 5 stars):
    * The screen get smudgy very quickly, although it does not interfere with viewing the content and the cleaning pad provided does an excellent job
    * The device crashes and reboots (quite quickly) at least once a day, but I suspect that has to do with some downloaded software more than the device itself
    * The mail client is quite good although there is no way to define which is the default mail service it should open to, if you have multiple ones
    * The charger charges quickly but it is unique to Asus and no iPad chargers (2.1A) will charge the transformer faster than a trickle rate. It seems as if this is because the Asus charger has the standard USB 5V but also a higher output. Pay attention before buying compatibles!
    * When the battery is relatively depleted the charger runs quite hot
    * The keyboard feels quite good and works very nicely with the Transformer Prime pad. It basically converts the Transformer into a netbook with a touchscreen - which is great!! The only minor caveat is that the combined pad+dock is a bit hefty, but that is expected.
    * The GPS really takes its time to connect, if it does at all, even after the recent upgrade.
    * I have had no issues with the WiFi. Reception is acceptable and it works really well with my iPhone as a hotspot or all the routers around the house.
    * The software provided with the Transformer is quite good, especially Polaris Office, which is very useful.
    * Sound quality is great, but only one speaker. Other system sounds sometime are on the low side.
    * Synchronization and transfer of files from the desktop is very easy (even without the Asus downloadable Sync software) and much easier than with the iPad. I like the Prime's file manager!
    * After one of the upgrades, the charging icon behavior seems to have changed and I contacted Asus customer support. That was/is the only negative experience, so far, of owning the Transformer Prime. Except for telling me to send it back to BestBuy or to the Asus facility in TX, the person on the other side was clueless about the device. Considering their not-so-great support infrastructure, it is one good reason to consider an Apple iPad with nearly ubiquitous service.
    Overall - a really nice device. I am very happy with it. In terms of device-software integration, it does not yet seem to be where Apple is. To me it seems like a device for a slightly more knowledgeable user - which works fine for me!
  • TeamMandJ - Working So FarMy fiance is taking this product. He had a surgery about 5 years ago where he was on intravenous drugs for 6 weeks and has had several subsequent surgeries with MAJOR antibiotic usage. He recently resolved a number of health issues and the last lingering problem was his stomach (he had to go many times per day, often at night for long periods). He had been tested for Crohn's and other disorders, placed on a number of drugs and diets, nothing ever made the slightest bit of difference. Align is working for him so far. He is regular after about 5 weeks of taking it and he has more energy. He is not 100% "better" but given the number of years this had been going on we are very happy to see that Align has already made a substantial difference. I would say this is worth trying for anyone who had used large quantities of antibiotics and subsequently experienced stomach problems. I hope it continues to work for him.
  • Don J. Knabeschuh - Racial Demagoguery for the rest of usAnn Coulter has the comedic instincts and timing of a stand-up. That, combined with the scholarship and research that goes into her books makes them must reads. As a bonus, there is the delight one gets imagining the apoplexy she causes those on the left with a well turned phrase or joke that hammers home a point. Most often that point is the utter hypocrisy of liberal group-think.

    "Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama", continues in the tradition of all her books - a fast-paced, serious, yet humorous look at the subject, replete with example after footnoted example from which her targets cannot hide or escape. Al Sharpton, the demigod of demagogues, but not to be confused with "them Greek homos" (read the book) is a rich source of material for Ann. (Al 2.0 is quite funny as an MSNBC analyst but I could probably force myself to watch more often if he still wore the track suit, gold medallion and sported the Prince Valiant haircut.) In addition to Al there is a cast of hundreds exposed to the critical eye and rapier wit of Ms. Coulter. If there is one thing we have learned over the last four years, it is that We Are All Racists Now. Our grasp for the post-racial society we were promised ebbs and flows as the fortunes of the left dictate from campaign to campaign. Buy this book. It's a great read and upsets the racial profiteers. Win, Win.
  • Andrew Bebow "APB" - Panda is great.I have used Panda Anti-virus for 5 years now and have not had a single virus - and beyond that have not had to fight my anti-virus program. I had one minor issue this year so I Panda e-mailed tech support and they responded with the correct solution within the day. I couldn't ask for more. My advice is go for the previous year's version (last year's from when you are buying - not the newest Panda) and save the money as you will get the same updates (both for the anti-virus engine and the viruses) for much less $$$. As a long time user the program does not change a great deal year to year other than cosmetically - so save the money. In addition I will add that I would always spend the few extra dollars for the 3 PC option as it will allow you to install it on 2 additional computers other than your own - a very nice feature to have...