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  • Anonymous81 - Hilarious!The things most people think about but never say are encapsulated in this literary masterpiece. This is a collection of articles on everything political. Liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between can enjoy hours of laughter and food for thought from Ann Coulter's sarcasitic yet persuasive banter.
  • BrooklynMom - Excellent Resource for Pregnant WomenOster's book is an excellent resource for women interested in making informed, data-driven decisions throughout their pregnancies - I only wish I'd had it during my first pregnancy. Oster, a Harvard-trained economist and professor at the University of Chicago, sifted through hundreds of medical studies on everything from alcohol consumption to exercise during pregnancy to labor induction to bed rest, and presents the results of all these studies (along with an economist's take on the quality of each study's methodology) in a clear, accessible manner.

    With respect to the alcohol question, Oster certainly isn't suggesting that pregnant women drink excessively during pregnancy. She states very clearly that "There is no question that very heavy drinking during pregnancy is bad for your baby" and further explores the biology behind alcohol consumption while pregnant and why light drinking may be safe in some cases, while heavy (and fast) drinking is clearly not. In fact, Oster isn't actually suggesting anything -- that's not the point of the book. Her goal is to present all the information on the subject and enable women to make their own decisions. One woman may read the book and decide to abstain completely, while another woman may read the same chapter and decide that a few glasses of wine a week is okay. As with many decisions in pregnancy (amniocentesis, epidurals, etc.), it's up to individual women to evaluate the risks and make decisions accordingly -- and this book has made that process a lot easier for women.

    All in all, a wonderful, unique resource.
  • Seek Felicity - We believe Kaspersky is the best; entering our second year of using the productMy family used Kaspersky in 2011; we were impressed with the protection it provided and didn't hesitate with our decision to use Kaspersky in 2012. The installation of Kaspersky 2012 was quick and easy; it took about ten minutes. Kaspersky 2012 erased the 2011 version without issue. It was a seamless installation process.

    One of the nice things that we found about Kaspersky is that remaining days left on your old license count toward the new version. We still had 30 days left on our 2011 program and the 30 days will be added on to the year that we receive with the 2012 version. Essentially, the user is not "jipped" - you get all the days that you paid for even though you are installing new software.

    There are far too many features in the program to rehash here, but it's safe to say that Kaspersky has every tool you would ever need to lock down a Windows 7 PC and many you will never even use. What makes Kaspersky really stand above its peers are the following three points:

    1) Detection ability -- Kaspersky is always at the top of independent lab reviews for scanning ability.

    2) System usage -- Kaspersky has a very small memory footprint and CPU demands. It's almost unnoticeable even when running multiple programs in multiple windows.

    3) Easy to use interface -- I liked the 2011 interface more than the 2012, but it's still very intuitive and user friendly. The automatic defaults mean that 95% of people will never have to touch a setting.

    Overall, Kaspersky is the leader among security software and anyone thinking of Kaspersky should start with the Internet Security package. It combines every feature you need with top performing detection ability and minimal resource usage. This product is highly recommended.
  • PaxMan - First ImpressionsReceived as a Christmas gift, the giver thought they were giving me the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. So, I wasn't sure what to do with it, but as I happened (!) to be attending an Inquirers' Class in an Episcopal church, I had been asked to do something different in my devotional life, so I decided to use this book. It really is wonderful. The morning prayers provide a quiet start to the day, requiring about 15 minutes. I have no complaints about this book and am already planning to give it as a gift. However, like other reviewers, because I think origins are important, it needs better citation. I also wish it followed the 3-year lectionary cycle, but this isn't really practical for a 1-year devotional. Finally, the format is set up for antiphonal or responsive reading -- as in a congregational or communal setting, and I think most people will not be gathered with others the first thing each day. This is not a significant point, just an observation. All in all, this book works.