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  • N. F. Zandoli - This produce does everything rightI love this thing. First and probably most important, it comes apart completely and easily - I put the material in the wash machine and the plastic in the dishwasher and withing 2 hours it's pristine clean again. I clean it once a week (and believe me, it needs it). Second, if i ever need to travel with it, it folds up flat and easy to slide into a suitcase or a trunk. Third it comes in totally cute colors (we have the lime green). Lastly it has a handy pocket in the back for bibs, wipes, etc. In my estimation there are no down sides to this product!
  • Caraleisa - Good, solid information on bipolar disorderThe 'for Dummies' series are often quite good, despite the name, and this book is no exception. It gives a very good overview of what bipolar is, and offers a lot of suggestions on how to deal with it for both the bipolar person and his/her family and friends. It goes into the medications used, and the pros and cons of each of them. The authors obviously know the topic well, and write about it clearly and definitively. In addition to a comprehensive description of what bipolar is, how it manifests, and how it's treated, the book discusses alternative therapies that have been used, and goes into problems associated with specific populations such as women, older folks, and teens. It has an excellent section on 'survival skills'- the psychotherapies involved as well as things a bipolar person can do to prevent crisis episodes, to reduce conflict, and ways in which the people involved can have fun together. Cultivating healthy relationships, eating a healthy diet, exercise options, all are covered. How to become less confrontational, and how to validate other's feelings are just a few of the many areas this excellent book covers. I recommend it heartily for anyone who is bipolar, lives with or is friends with someone who is bipolar, or people who are interested in psychology.
  • Chuck Bittner "Disabled comedian & gamer!" - How to format for Mac & be sure to check the prices.There are some good deals to be had with this hard drive, at the time of writing this review the 3 TB was only $115. Now be sure to check the other sizes but the way I look at it stepping up from 2 TB to 3 TB for only about $15 more is a no-brainer at some point in the future you want the extra terabyte of storage space. In case you don't know these drives require a wall plug to work they are not "portable" external hard drives.

    If you're a Mac user setting this hard drive up with your computer is super easy follow these steps.

    1. Plug in the hard drive
    2. Open up disk utility found in your applications folder inside the utilities folder
    3. Next select the newly plugged in a hard drive and on the right-hand side you should see partition click on that.
    4. Then inside that screen on the partition layout drop-down choose how many partitions you'd like to set up. I generally go with one partition and just use folders to organize my files.
    5. Then on the right-hand side you can name the partitions and select the format. If you want your hard drive to work with your Mac for doing Time Machine backups (which I highly recommend) choose Mac OS Extended. Sometimes it's good to make two partitions and one using "MS-DOS fat" if you might be transferring files to and from a Windows machine. The reason is Windows machines and Max can read and write to the "MS-DOS fat" format but your files will need to be under 4 GB each as that's the maximum file size it can hold.
    6. Then click apply and your Mac will create all the partitions you wanted and you're good to go.

    Thanks for reading if it is helpful please click the button thanks.
  • Cindy O - great suspenseful novel full of multiple story lines that all converge togetherAnother great suspenseful novel full of multiple story lines that all converge together with a great supporting cast in a small northeastern Pennsylvania town.

    Rachel Parker has returned home 7 years after running away. She has come back to try and turn her grandfather's farm into a horse training and breading business after her career ended after being thrown from a horse. Not long after arriving bad things start happening on the ranch. An attempted break in and threatening messages painted on her barn. She just assumes they are from her brother in law who has turned into a mean abusive drunk. She is also suffering from guilt for just leaving town after her mother's funeral which in her eyes forced her sister to marry young to get away from their father. After getting a call from her sister to come and get her and her kids and rescue them from him she ends up having to fight for her life after finding her sister beaten and unconscious. She is rescued by the Police Chief Mike O'Connell. They are both blindsided by their attraction but carry a lot of baggage that prevents either from acting on it at first.

    Mike still carries guilt for not catching a serial killer that had lived right under is nose. This guilt has has turned into an insane need to protect his town, and there are many weird things going on in town. When his growing feelings for Rachel turns into a conflict of interest and bring him under the radar of some corrupt city council members , one of which who wants to get him fired, he has to decide what's more important.

    There are multiple mysteries going on at the same time that all converge by the end of the book. The author does a great job of keeping your interest in all of these and wondering what is really going on. There was also a greater sense of camaraderie with the town in this one. Lots of great secondary characters and we get to see how Jack and Elizabeth from the first book are doing. I am looking forward to many more books from this author.