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  • Phyo T. Aung "phyo" - great phone3 different size live tiles are really useful. The phone is fast and fluid. Amazing camera. Just like windows phone 7, it has deep integration with facebook, twitter and linked in. It adds skype voip call support without draining the battery! Nokia Music is really cool. It's like pandora on steroids.. The only complaint that I have is nokia maps. It doesn't show exit numbers on highway exits. I guess it's a simple fix when they update the maps application since nokia maps website does show exit numbers when getting directions online. It's strange why it was skipped on the phone.. Overall, I really liked the phone. The build quality is solid. Buttons feels really nice and polycarbonate unibody is really strong. The WP8 OS is a huge step up from WP7.
  • John McCulley - Better than an Ipad!We have 2 Ipads, 2 Kindles, and a Kindle fire. The Samsung tablet is superior to all. First, Samsung makes one of the finest TV displays available. The display on this tablet is no exception. The colors are vivid and bright. Text is crisp. The software is far more intuitive to use then the Ipad and thankfully you're not hobbled with Apple and ITunes. Web pages load very quickly. Much faster in side-by-side comparisons with the Ipad. My daughters and I purchased the Samsung for my wife for Mother's Day. My wife is very busy and doesn't spend much time with electronic devices therefore purchasing the Samsung was a risk. She took to it immediately! Initially she used it to pay bills and go to a few websites. Now she watches Amazon videos(amazingly clear with no hesitation) and reads her books on the Samsung tablet. Excellent tablet, highly recommended!
  • Linda - The Noticer ReturnsThe second book about "Jones" who and what is he? Is he real as it feels like he must be? Why has he not come to me in my life as I need him too? But then again as I think now this and the original book "The Noticer" he did! I have the books with the lessons so how is that less or more than what he gave others?
  • KD Allen "me" - Best formulation for maximum reliefYears ago I used Midol for menstrual relief. Then they changed it so it lost whatever the effective ingredients were.

    Premsyn is like the old Midol and Pamprin, when they were truly effective meds. Premsyn has 2 key ingredients that really do the trick--Pamabrom and Pyrilamine maleate. These 2 chemicals work to relive bloat, tension caused by waterweight grain, and cramps. These also give a slightly relaxed feeling (daytime) and a good night's sleep (nighttime). The third ingredient is acetaminophen for pain relief.

    As an added plus there also work for when you have a bad cold and you need to relax and minimize your cold symptoms.
  • LadiiFresh - Indecisive at first, but HAPPY I bought itI already own the 2010 version but wanted to upgrade so I googled reviews and pretty much saw everything from "the book is crappy but now in color" to "best friend for step 1." I decided to buy the book anyway because the pros overweighed the cons and it wasn't too expensive. Now that I have the book, I LOVELOVELOVE it! I didn't think that color would make such a big difference, but it does! Not to mention, all the pictures are right along with the text; face it, most of us don't flip back and forth between the section to the image section in the back, or have the image open online. My favorite part about the entire book has to be the cardiovascular section! Definitely worth the buy! Also, I haven't had any problems with my highlighter bleeding through. Good luck studying!!