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  • E. Bourgeois "Weeshanti" - And I thought I was the only one...Getting that ring is amazing, but when the panic hit I thought I was doomed. A friend recommended this book, and I can't say enough about it. Nissinen speaks to all the fears and concerns all (or at least, this one!) brides experience but usually don't understand. A must-have for every bride-to-be. Put in on your shower wish-list!
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  • awell - Quickbooks Use for QSR [Quick Service Restaurants]I love Quickbooks the versatility and availability. Thru Quickbooks I have developed and train others to use a simple method to track and reconcile items commonly used in the QSR industry such as gift card sales, frequent diner discount cards, and most commonly used credit cards. Many if not most corporations do not offer set up and training to new franchisees at the onset. Quickbooks offers an easily understood, readily accessible product to those franchisees who with a small amount of additional training can be off and running their own businesses.