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  • Coby's Corner - Cured my bloated, painful belly!I have had GI discomfort my whole adult life. Just thought I had to live with the bloating and painful gas. I ate Beano and Gas-X like candy! Went to GI doc for unrelated problem and mentioned my painful belly to him. He put me on Colon Health. It was a lifesafer! It didn't fix my weird bowel movements but it completely cured my gas and bloated, painful belly. So thankful for this product and will take it from here on out!
  • Meredith L. - It works! It works!I am so grateful for this book and what I have learned from it. For the past two months I have followed the diet about 90 percent of the time, and my psoriasis is almost completely gone!! I'd had it for over five years on my scalp, and most recently it spread to cover my head, back, stomach, ears, underarms and more. My scalp was so bad I went for TWO YEARS without getting a haircut because I was too embarrassed to let my stylist see my scalp. As others have mentioned, it is not easy to stick to the diet, but IT IS SO WORTH IT IN THE END. I also drank the saffron tea and slippery elm bark tea, and took some supplements and probiotics. I did not give up coffee, though! It took about a month before I saw any improvement whatsoever, but once it began, my healing just seemed to snowball and my skin cleared very fast. I was expecting it to take longer. I am over the moon!!! I can't get over how smooth my skin is; it feels so different now! :)

    I am like the many others who had tried multiple dermatologists, scary steroid medications, every over-the-counter medication and medicated shampoo under the sun, spent endless hours on Google reading about and trying various home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, sulfate-free shampoos, all-natural body care products, and who knows what else. Nothing worked, and thanks to this book, I understand why. I truly believe that Dr. Pagano is correct about the root of the problem being internal and in the gut, as he describes.

    I have to say that not only did my psoriasis clear, but I felt great on the diet even though it was tough to stick to only the recommended foods. Now my challenge is to see which foods I can reintroduce back into my diet without breaking out again. Thank you so much, Dr. Pagano. I will tell anybody I meet who is suffering from psoriasis to get this book!
  • M. Howard "book/movie fanatic" - I cannot wait for the second book in the seriesThis was a lot better than I expected. The characters are well drawn and interesting. The storyline is innovative and interesting. I like how the world seems to be more fully explored and created than I expected. It doesn't seem like it is a film drawn over our current world, but more like a brand new version of the world we inhabit. I loved this and wish the second novel was out already. The world, the characters, and most especially the ending, left me wanting more.
  • Possibility - A great favoriteHaving read this book - well, really, I listened to the unabridged audio book - 4 times already, I somehow feel like an authority on this novel. I simply love it. The first time I listened to the book, upon completion, I started it immediately a second time. Back to back. I have only done that once before, and that was a French novel (never translated as far as I know).

    Anyway, I remember reading how some people had hated the fact that dialogs were part of the text instead of being highlighted as is normally done. This was not an issue in the audiobook as the dialogs were clearly identifiable. And the narrator did a marvelous job.

    So, I wondered why the dialogs were written as text and I figured that the few remaining human beings left in the world were devoid of identities, nobody had a name except for the old man on the road and we are not even sure it is his real name. So, why delineate the dialogs. They may still have a voice, but have no identities left. They are no longer John Smith and Cory Smith, they are the man and the boy. And they are lost. And there is no hope and no future. They are a dying breed. They are the ash everywhere. They are part of the landscape. They are the text.

    The cannibalistic aspect of the story horrified me: I could understand it, but could not relate to it. Why stay alive? For what? There is no goal, there is no purpose, there is no point as there is no possible future except death.

    After four readings, I look at this book much more as a love story than a post-apocalyptic story. It is clear that the only thing that has kept the man alive is the boy. Without him, he probably wouldn't have bothered. What baffles me to some extent is why the man has kept the boy so sheltered and innocent, why he has not prepared him and strengthened him more to their dreary existence. Without the man, the boy cannot live. And without the boy, the man will not live. It is so sad. And such a testament to the love of a father for his son.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts I thought I'd write down. Oh, how I love this book!