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  • Bill Sawyer - An Excellent AdditionEarly on in the book, Sam states, "While I don't see how either premise 1 or 2 can be reasonably doubted, my experience discussing these issues suggests that I should address such skepticism, however far-fetched it may seem." And, from Leo King's review, it seems that Sam's skepticism was well earned.

    It is always amazing to me that I perceive that the strongest opponents to the positions held by fine writers like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and others comes from those living the "Good Life" as Sam describes it. I seriously doubt you would ever find a woman subjected to the horrors of female mutilation describing the practice as her living the good life. Nor do I suspect that the Albania men living in virtual imprisonment would describe themselves as part of the good life. It takes those who are living the good life with a complete disregard for others, to proclaim that some ancient book is somehow the best description of what is to be. And that scientists should somehow stay out of it, while they continue to trample the scientific realms. BAH!

    This is an excellent addition to the growing library of those of us who believe in humanist principles. More importantly, it is now out there for others. I know that at a much earlier point in my life I would have treasured this book even more than I do now. But nothing like this existed then. Sam will undoubtedly keep those who read it from spending years in ignorance. It will hopefully move them more quickly to a "Good Life" than those of us who proceeded them. This book won't win the war. For the war is not truly one of bombs and bullets, but it is one of ideas. Those ideas are weighed on the scale of the intellects of the people that encounter them, and Sam has added a hefty weight to the scale.

  • GW-MT - Love IT!!!!Purchased 6 of the Asus TF201 tablet to be used at work, a month later we purchased 6 iPad2 to be used at work. The Asus ran circles around the iPad2. Easier to setup,use, and manage than the iPad2. I used to take my laptop with me when I traveled, now I leave the laptop in my office and take the tablet instead. I'm the IT Director where I work, and I'm now looking at ways to make it interact/cross platform to the network. I see this replacing my workstation down the road. I recommend it to everyone who asks me what tablet I think is best.
  • Dr. Wendell P. Wong - An Excellent healthy program, NOT another diet bookAs a physician, I was in awe of her simple, yet comprehensive and understandable explanations of very complex topics such as the hormones and their interaction with one another, and how they affect your metabolism. It was the clearest discussion, far better than when I was in medical school or any articles I have read since then.

    A note to potential buyers of this book: Don't be fooled by the word "Diet" in the title of her book. Halie's work is a program to get your metabolism back on track ~ one which doesn't rigidly restrict or exclude food, but instead uses food to maintain and improve your health and help you to achieve your weight goals. My wife and I loved her phrase "food is your friend".

    Dr. WPW
  • Joel Andrews - Diablo III: Standard EditionDiablo III: Standard Edition

    I liked the game so much, I ordered it for a friend. I've seen a lot of reviews both great and negative. Personally, I think the game is fantastic, and exactly what I was waiting for. My only wish, is that they don't wait too long for the expansion packs!