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  • C. G. King - Best price, best coverageI've used other security packages and far prefer Norton for several reasons. I was about to buy my new version at a store, then checked Amazon on my phone and couldn't believe the price difference. Consequently I ordered the product here. I was at the end of my last installation so was extra pleased when the product was Prime delivered the next day! Can't beat that.

    I like Norton because although like all the security packages it slows startup a little, it's the least painful. I like that when I'm on the internet, it shows me which sites are Norton approved before I go to them. It checks all new product installs too. It does its background scans unobtrusively, reminds me about backups and when my latest version is nearing the end of my year long install period. I find renewing online more expensive than buying a new package at the store and don't want to download it anyway due to the data limit on my internet usage. I'd rather have the disk especially since I have multiple computers.

    All in all, Norton has met all my needs well and at the price listed here on Amazon at the time of my purchase it was too good a deal to pass up.
  • Murray Family - Saved my life too...I to have been a success story of this diet. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 2 months after my son was born (14 months ago) I was put on a ton of meds that didn't work, and was told diet had nothing to do with it. I was taking so many pills and enemas where beforehand I didn't even take aspirin. Just before I tried the meds that would prevent me from having more kids, I tried the diet. I am so thankful I did. It is hard to stick to, but I think that is mostly b/c I am pregnant again and craving. Yes, that's right, I got well enough to get pregnant again. If you have the willpower and you want to be well, it will happen. I have been eating this way for 5 months now, and for about the first 4 I was still having small, day long flares and giving up hope. But I told myself to stick with it for 6 months STRICT and I did. You have to modify things. Like I can't eat too much honey or fruit at one time (or actually too much of any one thing at a time), but you learn as you go. I can't say how thankful I am, and how lucky I feel to have come across this. Nor how thankful I am Elaine wrote this book. After 5 months I am pill and med free, only being healed by the diet. It's not 100% yet, but seeing where I came from, I have NO doubts.

    May she rest in the most beautiful peace for saving all of us.
  • waubay "waubay" - Karma magnetI really enjoyed this book! The main character is soulfully and irresistibly honest. She accidentally but magically touches and changes the lives of everyone she meets. She emits good karma and she collects good karma. And she shows you how one can suffer the worst kind of tragedy and learn from it and grow from it. This was a quick read. A delightful read. I'd recommend it for boys and girls, teens and adults.