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  • C. Williams - You just didn't get it! This is a great book! I have the proof!To the person who just wrote the negative response to this book: You've got it all wrong! It seems that you did not set aside your pre-understanding. The way you speak is as if you are from a different generation....as if you are about 60 years old. If you really knew and understood the single person in today's culture and what they go through, you would change your mind about this book. So, tell me what you say to the 14 year old who just found out that they are pregnant?! I have to explain it all the time to the girls who walk into the pregnancy testing center for which I am a volunteer. These youngsters need a line drawn for them. I am 30 years old and wished that I had this book when I was young. Because I didn't know anything about boundaries, which is what Harris speaks of, I would have NEVER went through two divorces. What you don't get is that today's culture tells everyone that it is okay to be premiscuous. The world tells them that it's okay to have sex if they are concentual. These kids have no idea what they are about to get themselves into, because the parents have lost their ability to parent. And there is too much peer pressure for the youth. I recently heard a report about a country in Europe trying to legalize the right for a man to have sex with a minor - no matter their age. This would mean that a man could have sex with my 10 year old daughter, and I could do nothing about it! Do you see where this world is going?!

    When I found this book I started to apply these principles to MY dating life. I was not letting every Tom, Dick, or Harry in my life. This book lead me to choose carefully, and, most of all, help me to determine that I should have my focus on God before entering into a dating relationship with a man. If I had entered a relationship at the wrong time, I would have ventured off into a realm of temptation that I wasn't ready for. To tell you the truth, before I got this book, I did starting dating someone, and I fell into temptation. Not only was I not ready for dating, I was with the wrong person. And guess what, I found this guy at church! I found out that just because somebody goes to church doesn't mean that if there is an attraction that I should date him. When I started applying the principles in this book, I started to make better choices. The proof? The proof is that I was able to hold out for my one true husband whom I just marrried 6 months ago. Joshua Harris helped me find the right husband! And my husband is a wonderful man! Very good to me! I set my sites high like Harris said, and guess what? That man was out there! He is now my husband. And I am now experiencing a dream - someone who is as serious about relationships and marriage as I am.

    Harris' book emphasizes getting our priorites straight and focus on Jesus and what he wants for our lives. If we know who we are in Christ, then we are going to be more successful in finding the right mate. By the way, did you know that everytime a woman spends time with a man they are attracted to, they give that person a part of their heart. (The Bible speaks pf this.) I know, because I've done it. And I see it all the time - young girls who have no idea what they are doing. And I will tell you this.....alot of churches don't teach their members about boundaries.

    To those of you considering purchasing this book, I say do it! You will not regret it! You will be given information that will help you to make better decisions in choosing your friends as well as a mate.

    To the person who wrote the negative review....I deel sorry for you and that you did not see the true meaning of this book. I would suggest reading this book again thinking about today's generation, not your own.
  • Michael Ashe - Definitely one of my favorite supplementsI've tried half a dozen probiotics before finally giving in and trying Align. I avoided it because it's so damn expensive and I thought it was just a big corporation jumping on the probiotic bandwagon. It's also just one strain so I figured some of the multi strain ones would be better. Turns out this is the best one I've tried. The only other one that had such an immediate and obvious effect is the Digestive Advantage brand. But ultimately DA made me a little constipated and just didn't feel quite right. By all means give it a try if money is an issue since it's much cheaper than Align. I also tried Culturelle which is ok but not nearly as spectacular as Align. Align not only reduces gas but makes it less malodorous. I noticed it working within 24 hours. I can't believe such a tiny pill can make a difference. I've been on it about a month. Last week I started drinking Goodbelly probiotics too. They sell it in the yogurt section and this stuff kicks ass too. With Align and Goodbelly combinded, I'm having WAY less gas. This is awesome.

    My other favorite supplement is Carlson's Magnesium Glycinate. Great for moods, energy, abnormal heart beats, and it also gives you awesome vivid dreams. (B6 gives awesome dreams too.)
  • shallamarm - Great product- it actually worksThe flexbelt was given to be as gift- at first i thought it was crazy and a waste of time.. but i tried it out and i am surprised that this thing actually works. You can see and feel your muscles contract while using it. Ive been using it on and off over last 30 days .. i need to use it more consistently to really note if it has any real results but you do feel that muscle sore the next day just like if you had actually worked out. It cant be bad to add this to your workout because your muscles are actually working. I know a few people that used it while they injured their leg/arm etc and helped them keep in shape during their recovery.
  • D. P. Birkett - Quick review for busy peopleThis is a time-saving review for busy readers. I've marked the locales up front. Geographical diversity is strong this year. (In fact the American connection is tenuous in some cases). The editors grumble about the use of present tense and child's point of view, so if you're irritated by those I've marked them as PT and SPOV to save you time.
    There are deaths in only ten, which is a low, score for this collection, although Tom Bissell has a church full of bones and Steven Millhauser has a town full of ghost, which raises the necro-count. Richard Powers was the only one to use the second person narration style. Seven of the stories are from the New Yorker. Here are the potted plots:

    Nigeria: Outgrowing the first wife.
    South Carolina: Dead mother, live parrot. PT.
    Rome: Should we raise the kids Jewish?
    Manhattan: Addict suicide. PT.
    Israel: Homicidal Holocaust survivor.
    Boston: Jilted babysitter rejects kid.
    Manhattan: Cancer, lost girl friend, dying dog.
    North Dakota: Town hibernates.
    Corpus Christi,Texas: Fantasies of the girl next door.
    Ireland: Surrogate child. PT, CPOV
    Bergen County, New Jersey: Dungeons and dragons. PT, CPOV
    Chicago: Gay actor's career skids.
    Maine: Old house memories.
    New England: Phantoms. PT.
    Texas Badlands: Doctor's head injury. CPOV.
    Atlantic City: Dead mother. CPOV.
    Wotton-on-the-Wold: Old book. PT.
    Manhattan: Korean-Jewish-Jamaican triangle, PT
    Large Workroom: Designer drugs
    Brno: Killing rabbits. CPOV
  • Eugene Axe - "mother did it need to be so high?"I'm not going to get into a song-by-song review of this album. That would be tedious and there is nothing that can be written about this album that hasn't already been written. Do date, this is the Pinnacle of Progressive Rock.

    What strikes me about this album, after so many years, (and after so many listens) is that nothing ever sounded like it before and nothing has sounded like it since. It's pretty much out there by itself. The diversity of sounds, vocals, samples, and sound effects on this album are second to none. The various lyrical concepts on the Wall work on multiple levels. The attention to detail is masterful. I've gone thru periods where I listen to nothing else; just play The Wall over and over.

    So do yourself a favor, go out and buy it and listen to it, carefully. No matter how many times you listen to it you'll always enjoy it and you'll always find something new to discover....