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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • T. Bux - An amazing camera that DSLR owners and first timers can both use.I've been shooting with a SLR for years. First with a 35mm film SLR and then with a DSLR. I generally find point and shoots overly simple and can't match the ability of SLRs to capture great shots.

    The Fuji FinePix, however, does an amazing job in bridging the gap between a DSLR and a all in one.

    First, let me say this is a fairly large camera. It looks very much like an SLR and handles like one. For its size, though, it is very light. It is comfortable in the hand, and the build quality is very nice. The only part of the camera that feels a little flimsy is the battery door.

    The controls feel secure and well thought out. Perhaps for people used to digital zooms on smaller cameras, who may accidentally shut off the camera when intending to zoom, as the on and off switch is in a place common to zoom controls on lower end cameras.

    There is a large LCD screen for viewing your shot, and reviewing your images and movies. For SLR users like me, who perfer to use a eyepiece, you can use that by shutting off the LCD screen. The only drawback to that is, unlike a SLR where you are actually looking through the lens, the eyepiece is, instead a small camera so image quality through that option is a little less than I would have liked.

    The lens has focal lengths of 24 to 1,000. I need to have two lenses for my DSLR to match that, and this has it in an all enclosed package. For people not familiar with focal lengths that amounts to a 42X manual zoom. Manual zoom is important to take quality long distance shots as it doesn't diminish quality of the shot the way that digital zooms do. As a digital zoom is basically just a software thing that cuts and resizes the image as you zoom. There is an optional digital zoom, but I don't suggest that.

    The camera has a wealth of options that would make for an overly long review to go over here. I will say that there are options for the serious and expert photographer. You can choose manual mode; you choose aperture and shutter speed. There is a shutter priority where you choose the shutter speed and the camera chooses the aperture, and aperture priority where you choose the aperture and the camera compensates and chooses the shutter speed.

    There is also an purely automatic mode for quick point and shooting, as well as pre-programmed advanced modes as well as the EXR option which can pre-set options for tilt shift, low light, depth of perception, and on. You name it, between the EXR option and the Advanced presets, the camera can compensate for you.

    You can choose ISO speeds from 100-3200. You can also set it to automatically adjust the ISO with a maximum setting you prefer, so if you want a maximum ISO of 800, but want to also shoot outdoors without changing settings the camera will do that for you and perhaps change to 200 or 400 as needed.

    Picture quality is wonderful. The camera shoots and automatically focuses quickly. Boot time for the camera is also on par with high end DSLRs. From the time you turn on the camera until you can shoot is very fast. No missing shots here.

    Video quality is very good, as long as you have a fast SD card. I would suggest a class 10 at lest. The camera has a mini HDMI output so you can view your images and movies on your television.

    To connect to your computer you unfortunately have to use their proprietary USB cord, which is included. It would have been nice to use standard MICRO USB.

    This is a great camera. Good for seasoned shooters, newbies, and everywhere in between. Well constructed, and easy to learn. I will probably be finding myself using this camera more and more, and using my CANON DSLR less and less.
  • Jenny - it works!I have a uti and sometimes get a yeast infections because of the medications i take. Well if I am on this while I take my medications i get no side effects my uti does away and I never get those uncomfortable yeast infections. The only down fall is you have to constantly be on it for it to work. Once I stop taking it to see if I am okay I get the uti again and yeast infection symptoms. But overall this is a great pill ! I would highly recommend it !