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  • Keith Otis Edwards "Keith Otis Edwards" - Better Than "The Secret"This book is way better than Rhonda Byrne's The Secret because it really does work. After reading The Secret I began visualizing what I wanted out of life -- the usual simple wishes as you might expect: world domination, a solid-gold rocket ship, three extra wishes-- and no matter how fervently I visualized them, none of it appeared.

    But after reading "A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates" my life actually became more and more random. It really does work, believe me. I'm random completely almost now.

  • famlyslave "famlyslave" - ExcellentMy daughter's doctor tells us he believes she has IBS, (how's that for a diagnosis?! But that's another story!) and this product seems to help with her digestive issues. She definitely notices the difference when she is not taking them. Although they are a bit pricey, it's worth it to see that it's helping her.
  • gersx1 - Brings me back to my AOL internet daysIt's been about 15 years since I've had AOL, and I had essentially blocked those fond young memories from my mind. But, Sim City 5 brought me back to those infancy days of the internet where "You've got mail" and busy signals were ever present. I now remember logging in to AOL, and saying a specific prayer, eating a chocolate granola bar, and hoping no one called the house. God worked in mysterious ways, and the granola bar trick worked to get me online. Sadly, the granola bar trick and prayers haven't been successful with Sim City 5, in fact nothing seems to work. God clearly hates EA, and no prayers will answer the loading screens to nowhere. At least AOL worked some of the time; 15 years later EA works none of the time and even slower than aol. What will Sim city 6 look like, all i know is that it will cost at least $60 and be unplayable.

    RIP Sim City, I've loved you since 2000
  • Rebecca Haden - Just Enough UpdateWe use QuickBooks for a small business and we have a CPA do our taxes, so we probably could do without upgrading every year. This year, it's worthwhile. The 2013 version has the same expanded interface that was introduced in 2012, keeping customer info visible as you work. It allows you to attach proposals, receipts, and other documents to invoices to help keep data together, and it makes it easy to upload data from spreadsheets. These additions allow you to integrate data more easily, and are a big help for a small business.

    Also helpful: batch invoicing. If you have a number of customers using the same services, you can send all their invoices at once, for a significant time savings.

    The other new features are a quicker way to reconcile your bank statements with QuickBooks and a new payment option with the Intuit Payment Network.

    The look of the interface is a bit different, but workflow is consistent, so there was no real learning curve. If QuickBooks is new to you, though, you'll like the video lessons and Guide Me feature.

    Installation could not be easier, and existing data is transferred automatically.

    As usual, it's a quality, user friendly product.