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  • SN2013 - Excellent Book!This book is incredible! I read it in 12 hours straight. While it is an incredible thriller and keeps you hooked, the book is also a great commentary on relationships and marriage. I loved how the author interweaves the mystery in the plot with a very intimate look at the relationship between the two characters. The plot line unfolds in a way that makes you want to know more, and the nuanced writing about the characters and their lives gets you invested in their story. I won't say anymore to prevent spoilers.

    The book also highlights the media circus surrounding events of high-interest and has a pretty satirical and interesting take on that.

    I highly recommend this book! Read it before it is made into a movie and ruined!
  • - Dr. Atkins Two Thumbs Up!!I have had the Atkins diet book for over a year and I just started my new way of eating 11 days ago. I have lost 6 pounds so far and feel great.My best friend and her husband have both lost 10 pounds each over the past 11 days. At first I thouhght this program would be hard but it really isn't, who thought you could lose weight eating bacon cheese burgers. I was very skeptical at first and didn't believe I'd lose a pound let alone go into ketosis, but I did after 3 days. I recommend all skeptics to try the diet for the 14 days and I bet after you see the results you will continue. Finally after many diets and diet pills I feel confident that I will reach my weight lose goals. THANK YOU DR. ATKINS
  • Saul Rodriguez - My first iPad.As you may know, this is my first iPad I got with my own money, and it feels awesome. The screen, I thought was going to be to small. Turns out, it's just perfect. The battery life is just amazing. I can leave the house at 7:00am and don't have to put it to church until I'm ready to sleep around 11:00pm. I use it for school and it's so convenient when I have to go sing at events I have all my lyrics in one place. I am a happy person.