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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: V6Y Richmond, British Columbia

  • Sunshine635 - SweatblockWe bought sweatblock for my 16 yo son. He has used every week for 16 weeks and really has seen great results. He is no longer ruining all his t-shirts or having to change two to three times per day. It really has helped reduce the amount of sweat. The longer we use the better the results are. There is no build up or residue. We love it and would recommend it to anyone.
  • Amanda - Great Gift for my girls ages 2,5,and 7So happy with the kindle HD's we bought the girls for Christmas! Great picture, great sound and we bought them used from amazon labeled in good condition, they look brand new! I love the parental controls standard on them and the amazon kids free time app is the biggest selling point! We control what apps they can access and how long she can access them! The kids won't be limited like a lot of kids specific tablets! It can grow with her reading, writing, homework, pictures, and of course games, and movies!

    We did try an off brand about two weeks ago they all came broken in some way. So spending only 30$ more to get this was worth it! Even if the others weren't broken they wouldn't have been as kid friendly, have access to some of the main popular apps or even look as crisp!

    Bottom line If your going for a tablet for yourself or the kids get a name brand such as kindle! (I have an iPad, i love it but the price tag is a bit hefty and if I didn't already have an iPad I'd get a kindle for myself because of quality for price!) New kindles cost a bit much but if you search for last years version used or refurbished you can get a great product with twice the storage for half the price! We only paid $110 for each one and they in my opinion are high quality with a low quality knock off price!
  • R N Taylor - Very, very surprised.I bought this thinking that we could Skype with one of my daughters, play some games, do a little web surfing..... didn't know I could connect to my credit union and pay bills, compose documents and spreadsheets, take pictures, check, bid, and pay for my auction items and a lot of other things with this 7" monster. My whole family uses it, loves it. We check the weather forecast every morning before we leave home, check emails, reply to them..... The only thing I haven't done yet is print from it, but I can send things to the cloud and download them to my laptop (which is getting kind of lonely lately) and print from there. My only regret is that I didn't get one sooner. Great product. Great sound. Super fast delivery. Zero complaints.
  • S. J. Bineau - Love love the fast table chair!!!We love this fast table chair! It is great for any type of table. We have received so many comments and positive feedback from people who were interested in getting these chairs. It is great for going out to dinner, travel, and just something quick. We started using this when our child was 9 months. Our son definitely also likes that he can see all around (no head support). One word of caution ensure the table you are using can support the weight. We haven't had any problems, but testing the tables definitely helps. Washing with a sponge/towel with soap and water makes for easy clean up too.
  • Charles Justus Garard "Charles J. Garard Jr. PhD" - Part of the End-of-the-World series of films from the History channelThis film makes a worth-while addition to the series of films about ancient and recent prophecies regarding the alleged end of days on December 21, 2012. It certainly makes better viewing than the recent fictional film 2012. This one does not give much screen time to Nostradamus; that has been done in the History Channel film of that name. Since I have reviewed that DVD elsewhere on Amazon, I won't dwell on it here. This film DOOMSDAY 2012 stands on its own merits because it introduces information not touched upon in the former film -- e.g., the real Merlin called Myrddin in the Welsh, the sylbils from ancient Greece and Rome, and even a computer program called WEB BOT, which inadvertently made predictions about 9/11 and 2012 it was not originally created to make. This film also gives more attention to The Revelations of St. John in the Bible.

    Of course, we have heard or read about the predictions of the star-gazing Mayans, the Hopis, the Egyptians, and the Masons. Persons we may not have heard about are such characters as Mother Shipton (Ursula Southill) and a real-life seer named Myrddin, perhaps the basis for the fictional Merlin in the King Arthur stories. It also gives needed attention to the ancient Chinese oracle the I Ching, a system of divination that pre-dates the others we have heard about. In fact, this film consults (no pun intended) just about every oracle except the Tarot and the Runes.

    The filming of these programs is astonishingly well-done and credit should be given to the efforts of the producers and cinematographers. Credit should also be given to this program in particular for including the skeptics who want to share their "rational" perspectives on this topic. These are quality productions, not throwaway cheap-o commercial efforts like those we have seen, even theatrically, in the past. Footage from various quarters is well-chosen and skillfully included to aid the interviews with the experts on both side of the controversy.

    When I showed this DVD to some Chinese students recently, I was aware of some wide-eyed reactions. One young lady, noted for her insightful comments in my classes, asked me if I believed that this could happen. I was hesitant to answer because I am aware of the impact that statements made by a professor can have. I told her that I thought the evidence was credible and well-presented -- convincing enough as an argument. As this and other programs have emphasized, we have choices. Being aware of these choices gives us the responsibility to try to influence actions that will benefit all mankind. What else can I say -- that I am totally convinced that the world will end on December 21, 2012? I am not. Do I think that significant changes may occur that may alter our existence as we know it? I think it is a distinct possibility. We have seen some of these events already -- earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, tidal waves, global warming indications, a sink hole opening up in Guatemala, a chunk of Antarctica the size of Rhode Island (exactly as predicted in the fictional film THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW) falling into the ocean. I grew up on the Mississippi River and saw what flood devastation could do. I saw what the waterfront of St. Louis looked like after it had been inundated. I have seen flooding in south Georgia (in the US), and the images of floating coffins after graveyards had been violated by torrents of water will also remain in my memory.

    I cannot help but remember how frightened many people were about what would happen to worldwide computers at the end of 1999. I remember seeing people loading up their carts with water in the food markets. I also remember what a graduate professor once told me when I was writing about the lost continent of Atlantis and apocalyptic literature regarding the many times that the end of the world had been predicted in the past, which is also mentioned in this film. As she put it, many people don't want to consider the fact that the world might continue long after they are gone -- an interesting perspective, I thought.

    However, it is apparent to many of us that to ignore the possibilities of future world-wide devastation is naive.

    Then again, remaining naive is what we do best, isn't it? After all, it beats thinking every time.