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  • queenrosered "queenrosered1" - A Rare Peek Behind the ScenesI was surprised by quite a few revelations in this book.I think you will be as well. As much as MJ was a global superstar he remained (and still remains) an enigma wrapped in mystery.
    But as much as CAN be known about the man behind the myth is exposed in this well-written book by a reporter that knew him over many, many years, beginning in Gary, Indiana, where the Jackson's lived in their first home...a two bedroom, one bath house with Mom, Dad and 11 children.
    The book explores motives for Joe Jackson pushing the children so hard but does not excuse him. It talks about Mom Katherine's strong influence, especially when she joined the church of Jehovah's Witnesses and "urged" the children to do the same.
    From Indiana, to Motown and Barry Gordy's controlling machinations,to the big move to LA, to Michael's break from the family for more independence, to the family (Jackson Five) split with Gordy (accept for Jermaine who was married to Gordy's daughter at the time)
    The book even talks fairly in depth about Michael's penchant for being savvy in business but infantile about almost everything else, especially personal relationships.
    For me, aside from his acknowledged HUGE, undisputed talent, the biggest eye-opener and disappointment was how easy he could cut people out of his life, always via a third party, unable to do any of the "dirty work" himself.
    In short, he was always his own worst enemy. Revelations about his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley are also startling but I won't spoil it here. The author doesn't mean this to be a slam to MJ (or his fans, who still hold his memory dear) but rather, he attempts to take us INSIDE, warts and all.
    In that, I do believe he succeeds. If you simply want a book that glosses over any ugliness, this isn't for you. But if you want as much truth as can currently be ascertained, buy it.I couldn't put it down.
  • Richard Raehal - Why this a great buy!The Kindle Fire HD is an amazing product. What makes this product so great is the new screen, sound, and whisper soft technology. All these advancement come to you for a great price.
    The screen on Kindle Fire HD is bright and crisp. It has a 1280x800 high definition LCD display. It packs a punch even with its small 7” screen. The picture is clear no matter the viewing angle. The Kindle Fire is made so that there is no gap in-between the screen and touch sensor. The gap in most small tablets, including the Kindle Fire 7, make the screen hard to see in outdoor light as well as when lying in bed. This is not so with the Kindle Fire HD; the screen is great any light at any angle.
    The sound on the Kindle Fire HD far surpasses the sound on Amazon’s older tablets. With the HD you have clear sound that you don’t have to struggle to hear. With the original Kindle 7”, the sound was so low and muddled; headphones had to be worn to really enjoy any form of sound. This is not the case with the HD version where the sound is clear and loud.
    The feature that makes the Kindle Fire HD a one kind unit is the Whispersync software. This software is the best tool for children with a learning disability since the invention if dictation software. My daughter cannot read and thins tool has made her fall in love with reading. The Whipersync links your kindle book to the audio book. When you buy a kindle version book you are offered the ability to buy the audio book from for a discount. When you download both the book and audio they are synced to each other. The reader can open the book press play the book is read by the HD while the tablet highlights each word that is being read so the reader can follow along. If the reader moves on to another task they can listen to audio without the book on the screen. When the book is opened back up it starts off the where the audio has left off. This is an amazing tool for many, but for a child that can’t read it opens up a whole new world to them. I think Kindle fire HD is the total package for a great price.
  • Sam L. - A must have!One goal of mine this year was to become professionally certified in AutoCAD. I registered for the tests and purchased the AutoCAD 2012 Bible as my study guide. I am happy to say that I have passed both AutoCAD 2011 and 2012 associate and professional exams, in fact I did very well.

    The AutoCAD Bible is a great book and resource on all things AutoCAD. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to master their skills in AutoCAD. If you are a beginner or an expert, there is something in there for everyone