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  • karrieal - This book saves lives!!!!!!!!!!I am appauled at people making fun of this book, or as we call it at my house LIFE SAVER!! Two years ago, before we had this book, my mother, father, and four grandparents were all killed in SEPARATE huge ship accidents. If only we would have had this book sooner. But this review is not a sob story, it has a happy ending, after purchasing HTAHS, I had a very, very close call with a huge ship that came out of NOWHERE! Luckly I now had the skills to avoid the HUGE SHIP! I slowly and calmly stepped aside as it slowly passed me by. If only I had had this book 2 years sooner, my family members would still be alive. I will most definately be passing this book down to my kids, then their kids and further on down the line so never again will anyone in my family be hit by a runaway huge ship, we will be prepared dammit, we will be prepared! Bless you John W. Trimmer, bless you for writing this LIFE SAVER!
  • review - It really does work. Give it a try and don't give up.The regimen really does work. My acne was always under control when I was on birth control and using proactive. After delivering my last child I no longer needed birth control and hated the side effects from BC. My skin quickly became out of control and proactive was not working. I went to the dermatologist and tried oral medication and topical gels. I was not getting results so was searching the Internet and found I have been on the regimen for two months and my skin is almost clear. I still occasionally get a pimple here and there but they are very mild compared to the painful cystic acne I was getting before. I love this product and thank you so much to Dan Kern for developing this product. If this didn't work my next avenue was accutane and I am so thankful I don't have to use that powerful drug now.
  • Sound Biter - As it is with cheese...You pretend tech-jokers, laugh all you want - this cable is the real deal. When I first received mine, I rushed to hook it up to my system. and was crestfallen; the edge of the music sounded as if it had been routed through an echo chamber. It only lasted for a fraction of a millisecond, but *I* could hear it. I immediately got on the phone to Denon, and as you can imagine, their support was superb. After asking me a few questions about my rig, the support person said "this is a question I am hating to be asking you, but did you follow the directional arrows when you plugged it in?" Well, I felt like he could see the face go beet red.

    I regained my composure, and explained how embarassed I was, especially as a binary engineer. How could I have expected to get clean ones and zeroes through a backwards wire? The best way I can try to explain this to a neophyte is this: imagine grating cheese with the grater upside-down. Now, you might argue that if you push hard enough, cheese will still go through, and I will concede this point. But is the cheese the same? No, of course not. Instead of smooth strands worthy of a gourmet taco, you end up with a mushy facsimile better left to melting on a bowl of chili (no offense, chili fans).

    And as it is with cheese, so it is with music; the real cheese versus a mushy facsimile. After I got off the phone, just for amusement, I scoped the signal with the wire - both ways. And wouldn't you know it - phased correctly, I got a pristine signal; the ones and zeroes we are all looking for. But when flipped the wire, only 1% of the signal could be said to be within .005 volt of target. In essence, instead of something like 1011 0011 1001 0111 we would have .9 .1 .9 .9 ... Well, you get the idea.

    I rushed to put music back on. I immediately went for the powerful remastering of Iggy Pop's Raw Power, often chosen by audiophiles to demonstrate nuance of the highest order. Of course, not satisfied with the decidedly low-resolution CD-ROM offering, I used the direct-to-disk vinyl recording. And before any of you geeks start yelling 'Nyquist-Shannon', slide down a sliding board, then down a flight of stairs and then try explaining to your sore butt some mumbo-jumbo about information theory.

    At this point, words fail, but I will try: transcendence, ecstacy, bliss... sublime, magnifique, awesome, dude. To go farther would be to offend common decency. Buy this cable. If you were going to spend $500 for a hand-polished diamond needle - buy this cable. If you were going to have the Ethiopian sheep leather in your Ultrasones relined, buy this cable. You get the idea...

    Buy this cable.
  • byant001 - Quicken H&B 2011 ReviewGreat product. This version improves on on-line banking & investment tracking functions. Just wish that Intuit would stick with a standard open-source file format instead of creating a new non open-source file format for each year's version. This is the only downside to Quicken (and Quickbooks for that matter).