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  • taragirl kickin' butt - Oooh, I want to be in THIS binder!It is so masculine! And if I were not in it, how is it even possible that a man SO important as Romney might even get to know someone like little old me? Oh, I know, I'm only a woman, but hey -- if I'm in this binder full of women, there's the slimmest chance that he might pick MEEEEE! A slim chance --- uh, oh; does this binder make me look fat?
  • JMJ - Equivalent results to AccutaneUpdated review... I have been using the treatment kit for 10 months now. I still consider these products to be nothing short of miraculous for my complexion. I happended to be browsing through a cosmetics store yesterday, when a saleswoman asked me what skin care line I used. I replied "" She looked puzzled and proclaimed, "But you don't have acne!" The ultimate compliment. I have not had a single significant breakout since shortly after I started the Regimen.

    I've had acne for two decades. When my acne became so bad that I didn't want to show my face in public ten years ago, I turned to Accutane. Accutane completely cured me of acne for seven years. Over the past three years, pimples had been creeping back into my life. I tried many over the counter treatments (salycilic acid, glycolic acid, sulfur, heat, blue light) without success. Three months ago, my skin had deteriorated back to the same state it was in ten years ago. I had multiple pustules and painful cysts, mainly surrounding my chin. I ordered this on a whim because it had good reviews. I also spent a lot of time on the website reading Dan's advice (particularily the area on "ingredients to avoid"). I studied the ingredient lists of all of my "anti-acne" products from well-known brands and found not one that didn't include a comedogenic chemical on his list. After two weeks of using these products (just once a day), I had no new breakouts. I have remained breakout free since - not a single one. It has taken a while for the peeling/flakiness to subside (almost two months). I highly recommend purchasing the jojoba oil too, to help with the flakiness, if this is your first time using the kit. Thank you, Dan, for your educational web-site and for your incredible products.
  • K. Glover "katyg" - A pen made just for me!!It clips on to my apron perfectly. And I can finally color-coordinate my pen to match my lipstick and nail polish! I've been losing sleep over that!

    The best part, is that I have an ocular issue that makes me unable to respond to colors that are not pastel. I can finally see my pen! BIC, if you can hear me, please help. I have one final request. Please make some pens that are pastel and sparkly. My eyes respond even better when the item is pink and glittery. And swirly! Like a unicorn! But in the mean time, THANK YOU BIC for finally creating a pen that helps with my affliction.