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  • Dave Timmons - The Noticer ReturnsAndy never fails to serve meat, potatoes, and dessert. The Noticer Returns has undeniable life principles all wrapped up in a story that has real life situations and intriguing mystery. His books are awesome with the first read and are still thoroughly enjoyable with subsequent reads simply because the life principles are so vital to life in the 21st century.
  • jeanne - Glad I picked this one!!Perfect size, portable and movies play and sound amazing! This tablet may not have tons of bells and whistles but that is not what I wanted it for. I love movies and when I can't sleep at night I reach for this and find a favorite movie, place it(in its case) on my chest and kick back in my recliner and usually end up falling asleep! I just love my Kindle Fire HD!! Thanks Amazon!! :)
  • scgrant - Quicken Premier 2012There aren't a lot of big changes from Premier 2011 to 2012 so its not mandatory, as far as I can see, to get this upgrade. But, I use this product every day and wanted to have the latest and greatest.

    I keep my stocks and bonds at 6 different online brokerage firms. There are little things on each of their sites that I like so I keep small positions at several different places just to get access to the varying perspectives and analyses.

    Premier allows me to pull all this together with very little effort. The portfolio summary that Premier provides is superior to the summaries at any of the individual brokerage accounts. I find myself going to the reporting and summaries in Premier before I look at the individual brokerage accounts.

    Premier as a software product is great, Intuit as a software support company is not. There are many times during the course of a year where the download function will "break" and you might have to wait days or weeks for the fix. Calling, emailing, and chatting with the representatives at Intuit won't make any difference. They are very nice and seem to be overwhelmed at times. The fixes just take a very long time. For example, it took them weeks to report the 10-1 stock split on Citibank correctly. It took them months to get the direct download function working when JP Morgan bought Chase. But this is true with every online software product I've used. They're all buggy and slow at times, but the information--once you get it--is well worth the price.

    If you're managing your own investments and you're using more than one online broker, I think this is an essential product.