Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy - Clinton, South Carolina - The mission of the School of Pharmacy at Presbyterian College is to improve the health of South Carolinians and society in general by developing students with an unwavering ethical foundation

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 29325 Clinton, South Carolina

  • Christina Johnstone - A Critical Read for People with a passion immersed in them and how sharing it can be life changing for the world.Life altering. I truly believed that I was doing my best work every day....until Die Empty. I am now committed to doing brilliant work every day inside the office, at home, in my relationships and everything I do. After all, it is my life. I should not go to the grave empty.

    Todd Henry is an incredible author and speaker that has a gift for speaking to people. He uses his brilliant mind and experience to capture your attention, deliver his point and then he does the ultimate....Makes you think about it later. You think about it so much that you find yourself doing the exercises without even having to refer to the book. I wish everyone would read this book and make the choice NOT to DIE EMPTY. I know I will be spreading the word.

    Thank you Todd Henry,

    Christina Johnstone, Nurse Practitioner
    Lifestyle/Medical Practice NYC
  • K10 - GreatIt is a must have for Step I. Also a great tool for medical school classes in your first and second years.
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