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  • AGriff - Great Indoor BikeI purchased the Tour de France bike about four weeks ago. It arrived on my doorstep in eight days. I wish it would have arrived sooner! It has been an awesome machine. I love the fact that I can ride from my home and feel like I am out on the road. The google map feature is INCREDIBLE! I can't believe you can actually map a route and then the bike inclines and declines according to the route you have mapped (and its very accurate). This blows my mind every time I get on the bike. Keep in mind for you to actually be able to route your course you have to have wifi in your house. However there are programs already on the bike that would suffice for a good while. The Paddles are awesome too. They once again really make you feel like you are on an actual road bike. I have owned other in door bikes and this really is head and shoulders above any of them. Obviously a 5 star purchase from where I am sitting.
  • Cmoney - Great productIt's a good case I like it and great tablet u purchased I'd recommend to friends and family I enjoy my samsung galaxy 2 tablet
  • DukeRules - OUTLANDER FANATICThis is the best series I have ever read, and - trust me - I have read hundreds of thousands of books over my lifetime. (I'm 70). I am excited about the new TV series tht's scheduled to come out next year. (I would hold my breath til then if it were not detrimental to my health.) Anyone who reads will be delighted to find these books.