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  • Ellzeena - The Ultimate Apocalyptic StoryCatching up on my reviews, I noted the absence of one for this book, which I read a while back. I'm a huge *fan* of apocalyptic and post apocalyptic literature (but PLEASE, NO ZOMBIES, THANK YOU VERY MUCH). No idea why this subject fascinates me as it does (and I know I'm not alone!), might be one result of the Cold War Baby Syndrome (and yes, we really were waiting for "the big one"). Having written my own short stories (for many years) and even a novel, I know that the characters and scenario stay with you during the entire writing process and beyond. I can't imagine how McCarthy lived, day and night, with this rattling around in his head, but WOW I'm glad he did.
  • C Fisher - Works to get you on cycleI didn't have a period for over a year after getting off the depo shot. I even went on conventional birth control to jump start my cycle but that whole time I never ovulated.
    After less than 1 bottle of this product I was pregnant. My baby is now 3 months old.
    This was my second baby and I didn't have any trouble getting trouble pregnant the first time. So the pills didn't solve any fertility problems (because I don't have any) just my period problems so I could be fertile again.
  • Shela Simpson - Great Archive CollectionI considered purchasing this Thread's archive collection for quite a while, and finally decided to just do it as a treat to myself. The DVD arrived quickly and in good condition. The price on Amazon was about $10 less than the selling price on the Taunton site.

    I installed the DVD into my computer and was very happy to find that you DO NOT NEED an internet connection to make the disc function. It is completely stand-alone. Install it, and it is ready to use. The collection contains each complete magazine from set for the years 1985 to and including 2012. Beware that there is another set available for about $10 less than this set, but it does NOT INCLUDE the year 2012, it simply go up to the year 2012. The covers appear very similar so pay attention to the fine print. You can browse the archives on your screen in either Windows or Adobe. I prefer the Adobe view because it just seems to be a bit crisper and cleaner, more like actually looking at the magazine itself. You can print any pages you desire and jump from issue to issue with ease. Each page of the magazine is displayed, including the advertisements. The table of contents makes searching easier.

    If you are a fan of Threads, and if you find yourself wishing you could look back to prior issues for help, this is most certainly the way to go. While the cost is high, it is worth the investment. I am quite pleased with this DVD and would highly recommend it for anyone who sews and for anyone beginning to sew.
  • R. Calderon "The Duck Knight Rises" - Nutrients That WORK for Dry SkinI have been drinking Ensure Plus every day for the last 2 months, and I must say it has helped the dry skin on my face almost disappear. Everything I use in the shower is completely the same, however after starting to drink Ensure Plus it's like it never happened.

    The nutrients in this product are wonderful and the taste is absolutely perfect. It has even helped me maintain and gain a little weight, which I need. If you don't want to have a big breakfast, which is when I drink this, Ensure Plus is a perfect balance to substitute for breakfast.

    I am a true believer in this product and will be drinking it for months/years to come.
  • S. Rosenberg - Works as advertised, convenientThis is the least expensive of the product line, and works well.
    It takes a little maneuvering to get a full bottle of water screwed into the head, but three burst of gas and you're done.

    Flavors are another deal. You need to experiment. But make sure you examine the calorie count on each flavor, as they differ widely. Some use Sugar, some use other sweetners.

    With perfect tap water, this save a lot of schlepping and disposal of plastic bottles.

    I get GAS refills at my local Target for about $17