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  • Jim D - It always works for meI have been using HR Block (TaxCut) since it first came out for DOS.
    I have a rental and I always make the standard version work for that.
    It carries my Schedule E over each year. Some years I have to look for
    the depreciation worksheets, etc. but I always get it to work. I have never
    bought the version for Real Estate.
    I also like the tech help. Each year I ask them to send me the State software
    by email, because I never put my tax computer on the Web.
    My biggest complaint is it doesn't work with Windows2000. Why is that?
    I just want to do my taxes without watching a lot of multimedia videos and stuff
    that is off the point and not specific to my question. I plan on keeping my Win2000
    because it is stable and works for my needs--- to check e-mail and a few web sites.
  • ahoffoss - The best tablet for the price!Don't get me wrong, for most people this machine is a no brainer, but for me, it's just "OK". That being said, I gave it 5 stars, because what it does do, it does REALLY well and for a SUPER cheap price! For it, it was a gift. My problem is, I don't read from eBooks. I only read paper books. There's just something about an actual book in my hand that I can't get from holding up a Kindle or any ereader, for that matter. I can honestly say that the reader DOES do books good, because I did read at least 1 using this. Also, the fact that Prime members have access to an unheard of amount of books they can "borrow" for free?! For the people that are looking for the best tablet on the market for the price,....the KINDLE is just that!
  • Janie Alonzo "Janie" - I Miss Texas!I was drawn to The Unlikely Lavender Queen mostly because of the lavender. Until three years ago, I lived in the country and the thought of growing lavender had occurred to me.

    I could almost smell the lavender as I read the first chapter. In fact, making the transition from that wonderful chapter and into the reality of her life was slow for me. However, as I read more, I began to relate so much to the unexpected turn of events in her life because of her marriage.

    Jeannie Ralston did a most outstanding job of not only making the best of her situation, but blossoming beyond her expectations, and helping put a small town on the map. Her story was inspiring to me. By the time I finished the book, it had me wanting to move back to my native state of Texas, San Antonio maybe.

    I just wanted to read a book about lavender. Jeannie Ralston gave so much more.
  • I heart Hutlzer - BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!For years I have searched for answers on how to slice a banana without the trouble of using my grenade launcher and without all the fuss and tears. My friends all saw how sad and angry I get whenever someone brings up the subject 'banana' so one year my best friends decided to give me this product as a gift for Christmas.

    Its safe to say I found a reason to have hope in life after receiving this product. This product has helped me through so much because I can now be in the same room as a banana! It has been an emotional journey and The Hultzer 571 Banana Slicer and I have been through thick and thin, we have had some great memories on our many road trips across the country.

    Overall this product is amazing and I definitely would recommend it for anyone who is simply looking for a banana slicer or a new best friend.