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  • mknmike - Better than Doctor's Office FreezeI'm pretty sure I've had this wart for over 10 years now. I've had others when I was younger, but never one as persistent (or deep) as this one. It's like a plantar wart, but on the palm side of my index finger, so abuse keeps it from growing above the skin. When my hands get dry, it might grow and split a bit, at which point I'd norrmally trim it back, and maybe use a band-aid to keep it from drying out futher.

    About 4 years ago I went to a dermatologist that said it could take 10 or more tries to remove the plantar-style wart on my index finger, palm side, on the finger-tip side of the last joint. I think I went in for three treatments and after each painful treatment (for a $50 co-pay each time) the wart bumps were still visible under the skin that was removed. I figured this was a total racket and I didn't like the dermatologist. The wart seemed to simply flatten and widen. I thought the direct spray liquid Nitrogen hurt like heck too. Maybe that was the problem. The liquid Nitrogen spray wouldn't stay on long enough to do the deep damage.

    The wart came back in the recent weeks, really rising above the skin for the first time since my trips to the doctor. Interestingly this time, it wasn't dry and carcking as it normally did. The wart appeared to really be growing. It was no doubt time to do something. I believe that these freeze-off products came since I had gone to the doctor, and thought it was worth the $20 to give it a shot. I also picked up some of the Dr. Scholl's 40% Salicylic Acid band-aids too (seeing that their concentration is more than the liquid 17%).

    After using the freeze-off, and the 40% salicylic acid band-aids, I could not be more pleased!

    I never received these type of results from the doctor's office. Of course I hadn't used the 40% salicylic acid band-aids in conjunction either. I believe the majority of the skin-killing is being done with the freeze off though. I could be wrong.

    I used a double-application of the freeze-off the first time around, leaving the padded applicator on the wart and sourounding areas until there was no more nitrogen in the pad. I went with the plantar-wart 40-seconds, or more. I kept rotaing the pad to get the coldest part of the pad on the finger. The pain came when the area defrosted. It hurt like heck, but was totally worth it. Aside from the healing skin, it really looks like I've killed the wart with the first application (in 8 days). The last two days I didn't use the band-aids to let the area come back to normal before the second treatment. It was still a little soar, but I just did the second application. Even if the wart is not completely gone, this product will stay in my wart-arsenal.

    At $20, it's a no-brainer.

    If it comes back, I'll maybe add the Cider Vinegar to the arsenal, but I assume the cider acid is just something similar to the Salicylic acid I'm already using, and the Dr. Scholl's band-aids have a nice water proof seal and strong clear tape that makes me look less like a wart-patient (so I can wear it all day long, unlike a cider-filled cottonball).

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELPFUL REVIEWS! I'm excited to be wart free!
  • aidanblake - Great Tablet, Best Android Tablet On The MarketThis is an awesome tablet. Runs very smoothly, battery lasts a long time. Runs games extremely well, Nvidia hardware helps out. So far have had no issues with this tablet. I don't own the keyboard so I can't give any insight on that, but on it's own this tablet rocks.
  • River Guide "CL" - Norton 360 2013My current version of Norton was about to expire so I ordered the downloadable version and it went into my Amazon account. I next wrote down the key code in case the files somehow got lost. Once a Norton subscription runs out, it gives you reminders to reorder. I clicked on the link to reorder and entered the key code and my new version installed. My other computer had an expired version of some other virus protection program. I uninstalled that version and downloaded Norton from my Amazon account. My two computers are now protected for the next year. This download process is not for people with limited computer skills but for most, it's a snap.
  • Kristi "kristi" - Would not activate, but got it sorted out!Unfortunately, after a total of five tries, totaling two hours each to complete, the Tagg system would never activate for me. Customer service could only suggest changing my email on file, or putting the base unit near a window to see if that would work. They then moved my case to an elevated work order status but nobody ever called me. I cancelled the yearly service I had signed up with during the sign up process and boxed it up and returned it. I'm very disappointed as there seems to be no other GPS alternative on the market for a small dog. The Garmin, not only very expensive, has an antenna, and having a large chihuahua, this is not practical. Here's to hoping something better comes out soon to keep my pooch protected!!

    I thought I updated this review, but apparently not. Tagg sent me a new one, at a discount and it works great. They were on the phone with me tons and I appreciate it. Thank you!!! Highly recommend
  • Samhot - Floyd's Double Concept AlbumWhen this album was released, the disagreements in creativity between Floyd's members seemed to be at it's highest. Bassist Roger Waters seemed to exert more control over the creativity, and as a result, shut out many ideas from the other members.THE WALL (1979) is a concept album based on a character named Pink, whose turbulent circumstances are loosely based around events in the lives of former Floyd frontman Syd Barret (e.g. "Nobody Home," etc.) and Roger Waters. Roger himself was particularly the one most affected by Syd Barrett's mental decline, and it's effects can be heard throughout the album.There are some rather conflicting thoughts regarding this album, especially from guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour. He has stated that creating THE WALL was a painful experience, as well as stating that he thought overall, the album came out good, but it lacked the soul of earlier efforts. While this indeed is a brilliant album, I can't help but feel just as ambivalent as he does about the album.First, off, it's been stated many times that this is largely a Roger Waters work, and the unison of the band cannot be seen on this work. There are no lovely, ethereal, reflective Rick Wright keyboard tracks (or his vocals for that matter), none of the Mason/Wright/Gilmour contributions - in short, not much collectivity in general. Gilmour wrote roughly two or three tracks on the album, but otherwise, it's mostly the product of Waters, and as a result, it's difficult to see this as a Floyd album - in a collective sense of the word. This may be the main reason why I considered this album strong lyrically, but spotty, inconsistent and dry on a musical level for many years. I realize that anytime a concept album is present, the lyrics are usually the focal point, and basing a strong opinion on the music shouldn't mean much. But, unfortunately, I have to enjoy both aspects of a concept album strongly, for me to consider it an all-around classic. Over the years, my opinions have changed, and I enjoy the album much more than I did in the past. Of course, comparisons between this album and Floyd's earlier albums should probably be avoided, but are nearly inevitable, since Floyd has such a strongly dedicated following, and has had so for many years. Perhaps, if there had been no A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS (1968), no MEDDLE (1971), no DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (1973) or no WISH YOU WERE HERE (1975), this album wouldn't draw so much controversy (in both a positive and negative sense). On a positive, each of these albums didn't have the grandiosity in theme, soundscape, and didn't have the compelling theme of alienation that many of us humans can relate to (with the exception of DSOTM.) This, along with most of the fairly accessible tracks (I consider this album possibly the most mainstream-friendly of these) may have been the two main contributing factors of this album's overwhelming success. However, in the negative sense, it would seem like a drying-up in creativity. When listening to Floyd's albums in chronological order, and this album being their culmination in creativity (excluding THE FINAL CUT), it's hard not to see Floyd slipping quite a bit, which is what I've basically witnessed in Floyd ever since DSOTM came along (even though I enjoy each of the albums Floyd made between DSOTM and this album.) However, as stated above, if none of those earlier Floyd albums were to exist, this album would probably come the closest it can to being unanimous in it's classic status (not that it already hasn't.)From the grandiose, megalomaniacal David Bowie-meets-Queen-meets film score hard rock/metal strains of the opening "In The Flesh?" to the maniacal, orchestrated "The Trial," this album is a journey through alienation, depression, frustration, anger and many other dark areas of the human psyche. It's disturbing, poignant and rewarding all at once. Enjoy.Also recommended: THE WALL (the film) and BEHIND THE WALL (a Floyd documentary.)