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  • three deep - I like it good in my gritsSee, I done had that milk from down there at the Piggly Wiggly and it were purty good and all, but this here milk sure is somethin else! Reckon I don't know what sort of critter a Tuscan cow is but this here milk sure do go down easy. I put it in my grits just two days ago and they was the best grits I ever et. Usually that there Piggly Wiggly milk makes me run fer the commode but this stuff here stays put. Sure, it ain't cheap as what I get but gas for the ridin tractor ain't gettin no cheaper so I figger it works out about the same if the mail man bring it to me. I done gave some to my layin hen and she done laid down a whole mess of eggs which is good cause I can sell em and maybe buy that Three Wolf Moon shirt I done saw a couple days ago. I hear that there gets the ladies all crawlin up on ya and the missus been stingy lately so I could be usin me some company. Sure is fine what a jug of Tuscan milk can do fer a feller!
  • Mrs Pink - Love it.I love my kindle. I love how they organize the apps for you. Its very smooth, no hangups. Not the best to read on, its more of a tablet than an ereader. Too much glare. As android tablets go its great, you can't beat the price.
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