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  • A. Arnwine - I READ THE BOOK!!! PLEASE READ!I actually finished the book this weekend. And I would honestly give this book 5 stars, not because it is as sharp or witty as her other books, but because there is some real, personal columns in here and tributes to people you would not think likely (like John F. Kennedy, Jr.).

    I thought I would be disappointed initially when I opened the book and found it was a collection of past pieces. But as I began to read further, it is much more than that. She selected pieces in a way that took you back to that exact same time period and conjured emotions you forgot you had about the incidents:

    1. Elian Gonzales

    2. 2000 Elections

    3. 9/11

    4. Al Gore or the Gore Loser as she calls him

    5. Impeachment in all its DNA stained glory

    There are pieces towards the end that really show what kind of woman Ann is outside of politics. Those are the ones I enjoyed the best. She wrote a piece on what it's like to date in DC (men never ask for date, they simply trick you into asking them). Or the piece where she was being mugged and if it were for a man to come along, she could be dead...and how thankful she was for men but really wish she had a gun. I think the money quote was:

    "God made man and woman; Colonel Colt made them equal."

    Trust me, there is plenty of political satire and more jokes about Ted Kennedy (they are riotous), but this truly is the world according to Ann Coulter. You see emails she writes between the NYTimes and the WashingtonPost--the best being about Max Cleland. She just demonstrates her wit by simply printing the emails of others trying to tear down her work.

    I recommend this book for lovers AND haters of Ann because it really puts dimension to the person you would only see on Hannity or Scarborough.
  • Trevor A Knight - Very interesting bookIt's made for people in third-world settings without close access to medical treatment but the book is an interesting reference/education about the most common health conditions anywhere.