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  • General Insomnia - What is the safe word, again?If the name made me tremble, I hid it well. Hutzler 571. Why do these devices always have names that fall like a heart attack of butter into a conversation. "If you're not a good boy, I'll bring out the Hutzler," or "It's 571 hour!"

    This may be beyond my limit. I mean, I'm out!

    Anyone know how to remove nipple rings?
  • Julie Moorehead - It's needed book in the coding world.Anyone that is a medical coder knows these books are required to do your job. Amazon had a great price on it.
  • Dori Moore - Clever plot line...As a reading teacher I read a tremendous amount of YA and Children's books. I am always looking for different.... unique... memorable. When I do a book talk for my students I want to be able to give them what really works for the book. Between the Lines is written for the YA audience. In my opinion, the plot line is very clever. I totally enjoyed this book and I think my students will as well.
  • Pseudonoun - ASUS once again delivers the goodsI have purchased several types of devices from ASUS over the years. From Motherboards to Full Desktops and Notebooks. This lives up to it's heritage and delivers a solid Bluetooth user experience. The signal is strong where other Bluetooth connectivity devices have faltered. My headphones get a consistent audio signal several desks away from my notebook.

    If you are not sure about Bluetooth this is a great cost-effective device to test the waters with.

    It installed smoothly and without any hassle on both Windows and Ubuntu.

    And like all mini-dongle devices, it is nearly invisible and can stay on when transporting a desktop or notebook.

    There may be some fault with this device, but I have yet to find it.
  • Edina - Best game ever made!!!!!!!This game is soooooooo addictive! I love it! I don't know why people are putting one star!!! I just love it sooooo much! Here is a cheat for if you are running out of DNA in the game:
    While inside of the creation part, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C to display the console window. Then, type "addDNA" and press [Enter] to get 150 DNA. You can do this over and over and keep on getting 150 DNA. (When you type "addDNA" make sure you write it exactly haw i wrote it, but WITHOUT the "quotes")