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  • SAH133 "SAH" - What a kook - not!When I first heard about this plan I thought here's another well meaning kook. In order to prove Lyn wrong I started the diet and have had to eat my words along with avocados, olive oil, and 1700+ calorie days. It defies all logic - my chronic sweet tooth has disappeared, I am eating loads and losing weight. On week one I lost 5 lbs, week two I lost 4.6 lbs. I am on track for around 4lbs this week also. I finally feel in control of my eating and have started to believe that it is possible for me to get to my goal weight. Thank you Lyn, I am sorry for calling you names.
  • A lawyer from Berkeley - Zeno worked on all my acne, cystic as well as whiteheadsI have been treated for acne for twenty years. I have gone through two accutane treatments (six months or so each) and have used oral and topical antibiotics as well as Retin-A and Tazorac for the last twenty years. Although all of the products have helped, Zeno is one of the best products I have encountered. It is the only one that works immediately and completely. Acne sufferers everywhere should buy Zeno immediately. Zeno should also be purchased by any person who has an upcoming event (wedding, performance, trial, etc.) where they cannot have pimple: I had a six-pimple break-out last week that included cystic pimples and whiteheads (which your product disclaims the ability to fix). In the morning, following one application of Zeno (the whole thing took less than twenty minutes), they were all gone.
  • PolishMan - The best toy a boy could ask forWhy play Battlefield 3 when I can paint my friends and family bright colors. This marker is deadly accurate and fires like a boss! The merchant was fast and delivery was furious. The whole experience was fantastic. I'm having a hard time not shooting things. All I want to do is tear stuff up with my new paintball gun. SUPER AWESOME
  • Mike H "Mike H" - This book really helps you understandI liked this book way better than the Kaplan books. It sometimes doesn't go into quite as much detail as Kaplan, but it almost always made things easier to understand. There are less typos (although still a few) and better analogies. If you're looking for a self-help MCAT book to study on your own rather than a course, I think this is the best bet for your money that I have found.
  • R. Calnan - Absolutely FANTASTIC non-hardcore Nascar racing game!Okay - so it doesn't have every little nitpick customization, but let me tell you what - From a Dad with two kids, and barely enough time to even WATCH the races on TV, I'd rather spend my time RACING in the game, and not setting my car up.

    I set the difficulty (which it remembers in my profile), I pick the track, and press "x" and next thing I know I'm at the back of the pack working my way up! Note: I don't even qualify or any of that. (which I could do if I wanted, but choose not to)

    Racing on this game is configured to be about as "arcade pick-up game" -ish as possible and it succeeds amazingly well.

    The one thing that drove me nuts in the beginning was that it was pretty hard to get used to everything, but now that I've logged a few (and by few I mean under ten since I got it) I'm more comfortable with the accel and brakes and have turned off the "throttle/brake control" button - might not be a big deal to hardcore gamers, but it's a big deal for a game that is just meant to be played once in a while.

    Score score score all around!!!

    Graphics are great, sound is what you'd expect, and controls are spot on.

    No complaints, even at full market price it's worth it if you've been waiting three years for a Nascar racer!

    Enjoy it! (and stop whining)!!!

    p.s. = for all you whine-babies complaining about it not being "sim-enough" - how's this: I race with gas and tire wear OFF and my damage is purely COSMETIC! So how's that rub ya???? LOL Just hae fun with the darn thing!