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  • Kristina - Awesome Game

    I tried the game when my boyfriend talked me into doing the free trial.. Let's just say that it did not take me long to be convinced that it would be a game that I would be willing to play. I find that I love the magical powers, I have played the wizard, which was pretty awesome, and then I played the witch doctor until I unfortunately died on level 8 of hardcore.

    Finally something that my boyfriend and I can do together and have fun doing.

  • mmm - Works Better than System I Had

    My husband was complaining about the amount of spam that was getting through our previous virus software so when I got an email from Amazon offering the Norton at a special price it was a no-brainer. Kind of don't like to pay for what I don't get and this is good for three PCs but I only have one and you can't use it on a tablet or smart phone, but it was still a decent price and the complaints have stopped about the spam. So a happy spouse and a safer computer are good things.

  • S. S. Cox "bookworm" - DOUBLE KUDOS FOR DOUBLEDOWN

    Of course, it helps to be a politics junkie, but I am loving this book. I find it remarkable that these two young? men have inhaled every detail of the election of 2012, particularly all the behind-the-scenes goings-on. That, and their gift for story-telling, make this a terrific read. To be honest, it is like a soap opera. It may take you a bit to gt into it but then I think it will become a page turner!