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  • Robert Lynch "Flying Spaghetti Monster" - Harris has done it again. His magnum opus!Sam is at the leading edge of this entire thesis. He is out in front, beating the path which one day, we'll all take for granted. I am so sick of the argument, "You cannot derive an ought from an is," that I want to scream. Sam has show that not only is it possible, but it will one day be part of our vernacular. All those with the "ought from is" comeback, get a life!
  • Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi M.D. - Sarfraz Zaidi, MDI am a physician specializing in Internal Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology. Four years ago, I contracted a combination of Ulcerative Colitis and Clostridium difficile ( C.diff.) colitis. Over a period of one year, I went thru three colonoscopies, three gastroenterologists, two infectious disease specialists and one internist. Nothing worked!I was first given Flagyl in high doses which did not work, then oral Vancomycin and probiotics for almost a year but my symptoms continued. Asacol and other similar medications did not work either. I also tried alternative medicine remedies but none of them worked. After a weight loss of about 30 Lbs, I got in such bad shape that I was hospitalized at one of the best IBD hospitals in the world. A week later,I was sent home on high dose steroids which partially helped my symptoms but I still continued to have frequent bowel movements mixed with blood and mucus, cramping and gas.

    At this juncture, my gastroenterologist gave me the option to go on more toxic drugs such as 6 MP, or Cyclosporin. I knew the terrible potential side-effects from these drugs. So,I decided not to take either one of them. In stead, my wife did a lot of research on the internet. My gut feeling was that Diet has a lot to do with my illness. So my wife searched for a diet that would make sense. ( I could not even sit for any prolonged period of time ). In this pursuit she came across "Breaking the Vicious Cycle." This book made perfect medical sense to me. Therefore, I placed my self on this diet. I started seeing some results within a few days. A couple of months later, I was somewhat better but was still having symptoms.

    During this time,I went thru a complete spiritual/psychological transformation after reading books by Eckhart Tolle and J. Krishnamurti. I got in touch with my inner true self and started to live my life, by living in the Now, in stead of worrynig about "what if." I realized the real true me is the essence behind my body and is never threatened. It is the conditioned self that gets threatened and becomes fearful. With this realization, I felt an incredible inner peace, although I was still having symptoms of bloody diarrhes, gas and cramping.

    Then I came across an article in a medical journal. This researcher from Australia had treated several of his Ulcerative colitis patients with stool enema from a healthy donor and all of them were cured of their Ulcerative colitis. The results sounded too good to be true. But his approach made perfect medical sense. Like Elaine, he believed the root cause of any chronic colitis is the abnormal bacterial flora in the intestines. And stool enema from a healthy donor is the best way to normalize the bacterial flora. I was convinced this was the way to go for me. Therefore, I followed the protocol this doctor had described in the article. With the help of my loving wife, I underwent donor stool enema at home. The day after the first enema, I saw normal stools for the first time in over a year. I was ecstatic! It sounds crazy but if you are a chronic sufferer of colitis, you will understand why I was so thrilled. I continued to follow the specific carbohydrate diet that Elaine has described in "Breaking the vicious cycle." And continued to live in the now, free of my conditioned self. Gradually all of my symptoms resolved over one year. For the last two years, I am completely symptom-free, back to my normal weight and pursue all of my activities including a busy medical practice. I have more energy now than I ever did. Transformed, yes I am. I live in the Now and stay free of my conditioned self, the source of all sttress.I am enjoying every moment of living!

    During this time, I also found that my Vitamin D level was quite low. I started to take vitamin D supplement. For the last two years I take Vitamin D3, 10,000 I.U. per day.

    I believe my recovery from a double-dose of colitis is due to the combination of the Diet described in this book, my spiritual awakening, donor stool enema and vitamin D supplementation. I recommend this approach to anyone with chronic colitis. But please, do not stop your medications without the blessings from your physician.

    Since my illness, I have written two books, "Take Charge of Your Diabetes" and " Power of Vitamin D." And the third book, titled "Stress Free" based on my own personal awakening, is in the print and should be available very soon. I have also dedicated myself to educate the public about the important health issues thru my website,. This review is a part of my mission to spread the useful information.

    Power of Vitamin D: A Vitamin D Book That Contains the Most Comprehensive and Useful Information on Vitamin D Deficiency, Vitamin D Level
  • dephal - Makes for interesting dinner conversations!When I was a Campfire Girl my troop went on a tour of a local hospital. During the tour, someone showed us a tapeworm preserved in a jar. That was over 30 years ago, but parasites have interested me ever since. Until I read this book, however, I had no idea just how fascinating they are.

    In this book, Zimmer introduces us to the amazing array of parasites that exist on this planet. He discusses the history of parasitology, and convinces the reader that these creatures' importance has long been overlooked. In fact, he makes a convincing case that parasites may be responsible for a lot of complex animal behaviors, including perhaps sexual reproduction. So I guess next time you're feeling romantic, you have parasites to thank!

    This book explores the many clever ways that parasites have evolved to exist within environments that are usually very specialized and often very hostile. Some use mind control. Some undertake amazingly complex journeys.

    Zimmer imparts a lot of information in this book, and it is often fairly scientifically sophisticated. However, this book is still readily accessible (and fascinating) for those without a background in biology. This book has changed how I view the natural world, and I have recommended it to several friends.
  • Bernie (29yr old 14yr old) - Works as advertised, unless you don't use common sense!Bought this for $11 at Meijjers on vacation after my more expensive grip kept falling off then eventually broke.

    It comes with an adhesive pad to stick in your dashboard if needed. Otherwise, the suction cup base with an arm you can lock in whatever position you want, works great.

    So far, the pad has held its stickiness, even when left in the cold overnight. Is it too sticky? Common sense should guide you in how you take it off, and if your case is proper for this type of mount.