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  • William H. Sensenig - Excellent book for getting the most out of QuickenI have been a Quicken user for years, however never really taking advantage of its full capabilities. With "Quicken 2013 The Official Guide" in hand it was like opening up an neww world in finance management. This book is well written an easy to understand, going in depth where required. Excellent Book a must have to get the most out of Quicken.
  • Chad Gibbs "ChadO" - A contraian view, always online doesn't bother meI am always online. In fact, I don't have cable television, I have cable high-speed internet. I do pay for a speed bump, however. Our phones, laptops, desktop and tablets all connect thru wi-fi. I've set it up this way.

    There are some publishers that won't get my money again. EA, however much I disagree with their business model, will begrudgingly get mine this time. So after plopping down my 60 hard earned dollars, I can begrudgingly say; I am entertained.

    More than entertained, I am enjoying myself. If you, like me, ever wanted to build additions to a building, then you will like this game. If you, like me, like the idea of building, tearing down and building up bigger and better, then you will like this game. Zone density is no longer defined by the zone, but by the street. You want a small two lane side street? You've got it. Oh, you want it to curve with the contours of the map? You've got it. A major downfall here is that I don't know how much bigger a 4 lane or 6 lane street will make my buildings. Thankfully, if I choose to destroy them and if they're a zoned building, it doesn't cost me anything but tax revenue. The zones are free to lay down.

    You do have lots of guides to help you on your way creating and managing your SimCity metropolis. You can click on the standard "bubble". You can see that you are in need by the yellow-red color cycle on items. There are plenty of "missions", all having a reward, some immediate, some long-term.
    How-about the fact that you get real-time feedback by the populace that they like what you are doing? Drop a park and bam, here comes the bump up in smiley faces. Want your Sims to rest easy in case there's a fire? Drop a fire station close by, then add a garage or two. Don't forget to put the bell on top so they respond faster!

    Ultimately, you are there to build and grow your city. Do you like the idea of upgrading your buildings, the services, and education? You can upgrade almost everything in SimCity. Take for instance your fire and police units. You will be able to add trucks, add patrols and even add jails. At the school you can add wings, make sure there are bus stops to pick up the students, and then you can even add a high school or university. There are several levels of development to each entity and each one is unlocked as you progress through them. You will even have to upgrade one entity before you can update another.

    Some players are not happy that the area is much smaller than in previous Sim City's. I can appreciate that, however when you start playing this one, you will understand that the development is not expansive horizontally, but vertically. It is all about density on this one, and your sims are as susceptible to smells, pollution and dirtiness as before. Just like before, you have to mind where you put your industry. However, now the wind direction affects the other zones. The level of management required basically says that you can only manage a smaller area, because the game is that complex.

    How about running multiple cities in a region? Yea, it does that too. Natural resources, city specialties and other strengths will have you making peace with your neighbors and developing business ventures with them. Or you can be the mayor of multiple towns. There are multiple options to play, and I firmly believe that at least part of the game is saved intermittently on your own PC. Yes, on this release I have had issues with server updates and server connections.

    However, it is the dynamic style that makes this game so entertaining. The automatic update system from Origin (ughh) is not that bad. The game launched easily, although It did want to send me through the tutorial several times. I think this has been fixed recently though.

    This game is dynamic, and pushes the envelope. Like all new releases, it has its bugs. It does take away from the gameplay, but not the fun. And ultimately, it's not enough to keep me from thinking about what my next 36 steps are that I have to make when I am not playing.
  • J. Bergin - Oh, yeah...I'm hooked!Not in the mood to post a really long review, but let me just say this book is all kinds of awesome. I'm not a huge fan of Paranormal Romance, but if they were all like this, I'd be totally hooked. The story-line and Psy/Changeling worldbuilding is richly imagined. The main characters, Lucas and Sascha, are likeable, have real chemistry, and are backed up by a cast of equally-appealing secondary characters (who will star in future novels). And can I just add how THRILLED I am to discover that there are quite a number of others in this series already published. Woot! I can't wait to pick up the next.
  • Diablo "The Lord of Terror" - At last, my victory over "good" is complete!For the last 15 years, as I served as the constant whipping post for thousands...nay, MILLIONS of pathetic worms who have plundered my depths and banished me and my brothers to the soulstones time and time again! NO LONGER! On May 15 in the year of the Panda, 2012, my plan to claim victory over the Nine Hells and the High Heavens has come to fruition! Behold, the chronicle of my journey thus far!

    Day 1: Millions of hapless insects gathered with their gold in hand and their steel drawn as they prepared to storm my doorstep, thinking that I, the Lord of Terror, would stand idly by as you farmed me for loot. Little did you suspect that my secret weapon "error 3007" would lay you all low! Those of you that happened to slip by my net came face to face with my uberlieutenants-- Lagmodan, The Serverbreaker,and Archbishop Disconnectus.

    Day 2-5: See day 1...

    Day 6: The delays caused by my impenetrable server defenses allowed me to fortify the Champions of Hell and overwhelm the puny Nephalem forces when they finally arrived...such awesome and destructive powers as: Molten QQ, Plague of Ridiculous Enrage Timers, and Arcane Orbital Repair Bills. To finalize my triumph, I ensured that any artifacts that my minions were carrying were at LEAST 5 levels lower and were utterly useless to the would-be plunderer. Truly the tears of the righteous are as music to my blackened soul!

    Day 7: I rested...

    Day 37: I have struck another triumphant blow! I have created a market place for the Nephalem, which is the only means of obtaining artifacts of any significant power. However, the true devious nature of this monstrosity is what makes it so delicious! In order to utilize it, the Nephalem are required to use a strange currency known as US Dollars, which they cannot access unless they willingly pay a 30% tithe to the forces of evil! MUAHAHAHAH! I really intended to slaughter them on day 1 with this device, but Belial was having trouble getting the Koreans on board with it.

    Day 38: Once my demonic auction house of real money was fully operational, and the sniveling maggots were happily lapping up items of significant power with which to best my forces...I dropped ANOTHER masterful stroke on them, claiming yet another victory for Team Hell! I unleashed the Mighty Nerf-alem Hammer on all treasures under the High Heavens, making them nearly useless. Many who had spent their precious gold, real and virtual, were now banished to the Halls of Buyer's Remorse. I used the tears and subsequent blood of my fallen enemies to fill a bath, and washed myself in the Basin of Greedy Deception!

    Day 45 and counting...: My saga continues to unfold, as many once-hopeful heroes have abandoned their quest altogether. Perhaps they will have an easier time slaying pandas soon... Those stalwarts who have chosen to stay, trapped in my Devilish Hamster Wheel of Doom and cursed to wander the Malignant Slot Machine of Rmah, do so in the vain hope that "things will get better." No mortal, they will NOT! Even when you are able to use the treasure you have purchased against EACH OTHER in Player vs. Player combat (no, really, it's coming...TRUST me...*evil laugh*), you will still be subject to my law of Eternal Internet Connection. Only once I've milked every last dollar and gold piece from these lackeys will I then pull the plug on the ServerStone forever! Just in time for Heart of the Swarm and Pandasy Island to be unleashed upon this ripe, unsuspecting world!

    Sincerely yours,
    Lord of Terror

    PS. Yesterday, my watchful eye spotted a 59 year old Hardcore Witch Doctor who was about to celebrate his 60th Season. I unleashed a Latency Storm on him as he was engaging 3 champion Heralds with "Waller, Plague, Arcane and Extra Life"...he is now a level 3 HC Monk. O tis fun to be evil!