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  • bus. reader - Honest, in-depth, well-researched book on college scholarshipsWeeks ago I was at the public library, reviewing books on college scholarships. The library had an older version of this book that was full of great ideas and research on available college scholarships. As the authors mentioned, the list of scholarships changes and gets updated every year - it's critical to have the current edition. So, I bought the 2012 edition and I'm really glad I did. They were totally correct!

    Not only were the scholarship lists valuable, but their ideas on the proper mindset for even preparing for college were invaluable. Looking forward for the next edition, too!
  • Hervian Rose - BTDT, took the book.This book is well worth the space it takes up in your luggage. As a primary care provider, I shouldn't need this, right? But I am also helpless without the supplies and medicines I was accustomed to having at my fingertips. This amazing book includes how to make emergency formula from milk powder, how much of which electrolytes goes into oral rehydration products, ideas for splinting, and emergency dentistry. I left my book there for co-worker's use when I came back and have regretted it - some of the instructions are fine for "where there is a doctor but you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for something you can take care of at home."
  • zinzen "zinquiero" - Not just a book of statsBaseball Prospectus provides outstanding analysis of major and minor league baseball players -- leading edge, in many cases. And the numbers make the book quite valuable, especially if you are a fantasy baseball manager. However, the real joy of the book is the thoughtful, witty writing. It's true that you need to be a multi-decade and/or life long fan to get some of the jokes or appreciate certain player comparisons. However, even the new fan that is interested in the rich color of the game will find themselves chuckling. For fantasy players, I strongly recommend subscribing to the additional writing and analysis available at baseballprospectus.com. It is well worth the price.
  • Daisy P. Driz "Fanatic" - I love it!!!!!!I dont know wat other people are complaining about, but i did go ahead and purchase the game, so far ive been enjoying it. Graphics and gameplay are really good, im glad blizzard didn't change it to a first person mode or any other gameplay mode. I dont have any issues so far and im really surprised that my 5 years old gaming pc still can handle the high setting of this game. I would highly recommend this great game to any diablo fans.

    My PC Spec:
    Windows XP (SP 3)
    Pentium D
    4gb Ram
    ATI Radeon X1950
    Internet 3 mbps (works just fine)
  • Charlie - I like the computer, but,I hate Windows 8. The computer is set very fine, when it comes to the cursor landing on an icon. The program begins before you have a chance to hit the left button. This causes the wrong program to work, since you "brushed" over it. I have solved this problem by adding a wireless mouse. I know the computer is designed with a finger pad, but the mouse gives me much better control, and the programs only begin when I hit the button. The mouse overrides the finger pad, but both still work at the same time. The laptop was priced nicely, so that is why I bought it. I would have gone with a tablet, but the price and hard disk capacity were the main factors why I went with the laptop.