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  • tofuya - How to make it taste betterDon't be scared by the reviews about its bad taste. The taste is not that bad. However, to make it taste better so that my husband will continue to take it after a week, a month, and a year, I put frozen fruit (frozen organic blueberries, frozen organic strawberries, and frozen mango chunks from Trader Joe) and half a fresh banana (the banana is for the sweet taste; you can replace with honey) in it. Since I am adding these stuff, I put only one scoop for 16 ounces of liquid (I use organic milk, almond milk, hemp milk or rice milk -- there are a great varieties of these stuff in Trader Joe) instead of two as instructed. Also, I found that if adding two scoops the end result will be too thick hence doesn't taste as good.

    My husband now gets a good start in the morning. He actually likes it after I made the above change - he still wants to take it on weekends when I can make him a delicious breakfast for a change.
  • JenDett - Took my hair from sort of wavy to semi-curlyThe nutshell: I loved it. Read further for more detail.

    The long story: I have always worn my hair "straight" - meaning I have blown dry with a round brush, flat ironed, siliconed the heck out of it all in an effort to make my hair into the shiny, sleek locks from the shampoo commercials. I always got hair that looked dull, wouldn't stay straight, and looked dead and damaged. One afternoon I had to rush out without drying my hair, and it airdryed. It turned out pretty wavy/curly, but not anything that I would *want* it to do. I was stuck with "in between" hair, that was neither straight nor curly. I thought maybe I needed those $300 Keratin straightening treatments to make my hair look better. While researching those, I discovered there was a whole other philosophy of hair care - the "Curly Girl" method, and that many who had followed this method had taken their hair from straight to wavy/curly.

    I have been experimenting with the Curly Girl method for about 2 months, using drugstore items. I thought that you could get the same results from less expensive brands. I had very little success. I was just about to punt on the whole thing and bring my flat iron back out, but decided to give the "expensive" products a try before doing so.

    This stuff was amazing. It gave my hair just the right amount of moisture - allowing it to curl frizz free, but without weighing it down. My hair was soft, my curls were defined. It allowed easy detangling in the shower. My hair looked great. I went from straight hair, to hair that would be called more curly than wavy. All of the crappy ingredients in the other products were the problem - not my hair. This conditioner has the ingredients that will heal your hair for the long term. I can't wait to see how it looks after a month or two of using this. Very, very pleased.